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12 Best Low-Maintenance Dogs

Are you thinking about getting a dog? Then you need to make sure you can handle the pace. Having a dog in your life means committing to having a companion who you need to care for and look after on a regular basis. This takes time, it takes commitment, and it often takes a fair amount of patience as well. if you are a would-be dog owner and you want to make sure you can get a canine you can properly care for, you might wish to look at our list of low-maintenance dogs.

These are, in our view, dog breeds that you can rely upon to give you kindness and compassion. They also should be easy to keep calm in exciting circumstances, meaning that you can look forward to spending time with a dog that does not run you off your feet.

For a dog that only needs minor exercise and enjoys lounging around next to the fire as much as they do running around fields, take a look at the below list.

These are some of the best low-maintenance dogs that you could pick from, offering a unique and calming home atmosphere.

The 12 best low maintenance dogs:

1.      Manchester Terrier

First on our list of dogs would be the Manchester Terrier. Though somewhat rare in some parts of the world, these are great dogs for those who want a dog that is not big for styling. These dogs are a good choice for anyone who is looking for a pet that can be easy to look after.

Their carefree coat is easy to look after, and they tend to be a good dog for those who can only really find time for a brisk walk or two per day. A great choice of animal for any household.

2.      Boston Terrier

A good choice for many households would be the Boston Terrier. These are a calm and easy breed of dog to spend time around, and they tend to be very easy to look after. They are happy for a short walk or two per day and some indoor playtime, so you should not find that the Boston Terrier becomes too much of a burden on you in terms of the time it takes to raise one.

They are great dogs for those who are in an apartment, as their dainty nature lends itself perfectly to apartment life.

3.      Dachshund

Another good option for many homeowners would be the Dachshund. These are easy to fall in love with as they are such friendly and positive little dogs. They make life easier due to the fact they are so present all the time, and they tend to be great for running around the house with. They also enjoy a more calming and leisurely walk, which should be easy enough to find space for.

If you want a dog that is happy for you to just get on with your job (such as those working from home), this is the ideal companion.

4.      Doberman

The Doberman (Pinscher) is the ideal choice of dog for those who want a highly active dog with low maintenance when it comes to things like grooming. They love to go for runs and walks, so you should be looking to take your dog out for a run or a walk at least twice per day.

At the same time, they are a good choice for those who want a dog that can be low maintenance in terms of things like mood and grooming. Though they are highly demanding for exercise, outside of this they are great dogs.

5.      Cavalier (King Charles Spaniel)

These are awesome dogs to have around a house as they just love to lounge and relax. If you want a dog that can play with the kids and other pets without causing a ruckus and distracting you, this is a fine animal indeed. They are able to adjust their own personality and mood to suit the mood of their owner, too, so if you are a laid-back person then your Cavalier should be the same.

They are only high maintenance if you factor in the need for weekly brushing to ensure they avoid entangled coats.

6.      Broholmer

If you want something a bit different, then make space for a Broholmer in your life. These are adorable and friendly family dogs, and they tend to be quite relaxed dogs. They are the kind of dog you could take to the park and not have to worry about them bulleting off to find a ball to steal.

They are also a good team player, so you can easily bring them along to BBQs, picnics and the like without them getting too ridiculous with their attitude. Ideal for those who want an intelligent dog who listens to instructions.

7.      American Eskimo

Next up is the hilarious American Eskimo. The only high-maintenance thing about them is they hate being left alone. If someone is at home for most of the day, they should be fine. They are quite energetic dogs but they can tend to get by on basic things like walks and generally basic play.

You should always look to get them trained to be used to being alone, though, if they will be, as they can become quite destructive when bored. Outside of this, though, they are a good dog to have and should make a fine friend for the kids at home especially.

8.      Beagle

The humble Beagle is a must-have on any list of dogs, and they are a good choice for anyone who does not mind the early investment. Training at a young age can get rid of their penchant for constant company and attention. They are less likely to sit and bark all day if they are trained to be used to this kind of household.

However, if you can, make sure you always have someone – or another pet – around the place that your Beagle can spend time with. Outside of attention, they are low-maintenance dogs.

9.      Greyhound

While you might assume that the Greyhound is a hard dog to keep around the place, they are great pets. They need lots of exercise, even more than a Doberman, but they are amazing dogs to have around the place. Just note that if you live in a busy place and/or you have lots of friends around the house then your Greyhound can get quite timid and scared. Get it used to common faces, though, and they can come out of their shell.

These are smart, calm dogs who, while they need training, will adapt in no time at all.

10.  Newfoundland

Another important dog breed to think about would be Newfoundland. These are great big dogs and though they can be 100lbs plus in terms of size, they bring a calm and endearing presence with them on a daily basis.

Dogs like this tend to be great fun to have around the place as they can be calm and relaxing dogs. They are also brave, so you can expect them to spring to action if they need to. Their only high maintenance cost is the sheer amount of food that one of these can go through in a single day!

11.  Labrador Retriever

Arguably the best all-rounder on the list, the Lab Retriever is the ideal family dog. They are kind, friendly, loyal dogs that will be more than happy to listen to what you have to say. While they do need a lot of time and energy committed to them in terms of exercise and attention, a family should be able to easily give a dog like this all of the help they need.

They are intelligent dogs who are easily trained, eager to please, and who love being praised for doing the right thing.

12.  Golden Retriever

While their glorious coats need work, the Golden Retriever is the ideal low-maintenance dog for most people. So long as someone is with the dog and it is not left alone for hours, you should have a dog that knows how to have a lot of fun. They are family-oriented dogs that will look out for you so long as you look out for them.

If you can commit to exercise and high energy levels, then there are few dog breeds in the world more suitable for a pet than this. They are among the smartest dogs around, so once you get used to the basic rules of the house it should keep them in mind without any issues.

Which low-maintenance dog breed will you choose?

With the above list, you should now have a better idea of what kind of dog would be most suited to your own life at home. Every individual is different, and the perfect dog for your house might be something a bit more calming.

From those who lack time or space to get out for major exercise to those with smaller living conditions, a low-maintenance dog is a good investment. Instead of missing out on having a dog due to its energetic nature, choose from the above!