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ways cats show you love

The Most Important Ways Cats Show They Love You

For many people, a cat can seem like an odd choice of pet. If you are looking for a pet that can give you lots of attention and love, then a cat probably isn’t the right one for you. As easily one of the most nonchalant types of pet you could have at home, cats […]

cavapoo facts

10 Facts About Cavapoos You Need To Know

As far as owning a dog breed goes, few dog breeds can be quite as adorable as a Cavapoo. These amazingly cute dogs have become increasingly popular today for people looking for a pet that they can rely upon having at home. The Cavapoo is a common choice for many dog owners who are looking […]

black cat facts

6 Fascinating Facts About Black Cats

As one of the most interesting animals out there, the black cat is something many of us associate with spookiness. From horror movies to the prominent role they play in the hit movie series The Matrix, most of us know and appreciate black cats. However, if you are someone who is not typically spending time […]

best dog movies

The 17 Greatest Dog Movies of All Time

When it comes to dogs in our life, we often tend to focus on the dogs that exist with us in the ‘real world’ – yet there are many awesome portrayals of dogs within the cinematic world. if you are looking for a way to enjoy a movie that is going to have a strong […]

animal shelter homelessness

UK, USA, and wider pet sheltering and homelessness statistics

Without a doubt, one of the most satisfying experiences in the world stems from owning a pet. Having a pet in our lives can be incredibly enjoyable. It can give us an infusion of life, optimism, and general happiness that is almost impossible to forget. However, when you spend your time around an animal, you […]


Poodle information, characteristics, pictures, and facts

Are you looking to get a dog? Then you might want to think about what kind of dog you want. If you want a dog that is active, engaging, exciting to be around, and highly intelligent, you might wish to look at a poodle. The poodle is easily one of the most exciting pets you […]

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever information, characteristics, pictures, and facts

When it comes to bringing a dog into the family home, few breeds get more interest than the famous Golden Retriever. And it is easy to see why; they are the finest example of what a dog can be. Spend any length of time around a Golden Retriever, and you will find a dog that […]

foods avoid pets

What foods should you avoid feeding your pet?

As a pet owner, particularly a dog owner, you have to be very careful about what you feed your pets. Most of us see dogs and cats eating food from our plates and think ‘ah, cute!’ – but, many times, they are eating something that is bad for them. Now, we get it; most people […]

english bulldog

English Bulldog information, characteristics, pictures, and facts

When choosing a pet to have around the house, you have many options when it comes to dog breeds. Among the most popular breed of dog for someone to go for today, though, is the bulldog. This particular breed of dog has become a common choice for almost anyone who wants to have a happy […]

siberian husky

Siberian Husky information, characteristics, pictures, and facts

When it comes to finding a family pet to bring into your home, few dogs come with quite the same mystery intrigue as the Siberian Husky. These gorgeous animals are among the most in-demand dogs in the world, though they can be a real challenge to raise without pristine conditions to do so. With that […]