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animal shelter homelessness

UK, USA, and wider pet sheltering and homelessness statistics

Without a doubt, one of the most satisfying experiences in the world stems from owning a pet. Having a pet in our lives can be incredibly enjoyable. It can give us an infusion of life, optimism, and general happiness that is almost impossible to forget. However, when you spend your time around an animal, you […]

foods avoid pets

What foods should you avoid feeding your pet?

As a pet owner, particularly a dog owner, you have to be very careful about what you feed your pets. Most of us see dogs and cats eating food from our plates and think ‘ah, cute!’ – but, many times, they are eating something that is bad for them. Now, we get it; most people […]

dog affects mood

How exactly dogs can alter your mood

When it comes to living with a pet, we can often find they become our crutch. When you have had a tough day at work, coming home to a happy little dog can be all that you need to find a sense of inner peace. At the same time, you might come home and find […]

cbd oil dogs

The complete guide to CBD oil for dogs

When you own a dog, it is natural that you want to do everything you possibly can to care for your canine. Even when fed and exercised on a regular basis, though, dogs can run into all manner of health problems. This could come down to the breed of dog generally, the genetics of the […]