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‘Furbulous’ Cat Names As Unique As Your New Kitty

As the owner of a beautiful little kitty cat, you are no doubt struggling to find the ideal name. This is not uncommon; many people struggle with naming a pet. It is a hard thing to get right, often requiring a huge amount of time being dedicated to the process. Naming a pet is not easy, nor is finding the right way to give them a name that suits the cat itself. To help you come up with a solution that you know is going to work, this article is here to help.

We have put together a list of awesome cat names that you should consider using. Yet, further down the article, you can find some useful ideas for coming up with a name of your own. Cats deserve a name as special as they are, and we highly recommend you consider the following ‘furbulous’ cat names. These all make great starting points for choosing a name that feels like a natural fit for a cat.

Each one should be the ideal choice for any cat. However, if you do want something a bit more particular, you can use our naming guide at the bottom to come up with a solution that makes sense for your cat in the future.

The most popular cat names that you could choose today

So, to help you get started in your selection of quality cat names, here are some great choices to think about:

1. Alfie
2. Angel
3. Bella
4. Bubbles
5. Buddy
6. Caramel
7. Cecil
8. Charlie
9. Chloe
10. Cindy
11. Colin
12. Dean
13. Dennis
14. Felix
15. Gary
16. Hannah
17. Leo
18. Lucy
19. Max
20. May
21. Minnie
22. Millie
23. Molly
24. Moritz
25. Nigel
26. Oliver
27. Oscar
28. Otis
29. Patch
30. Patches
31. Princess
32. Romeo
33. Samantha
34. Scratches
35. Simba
36. Smokey
37. Smudge
38. Sooty
39. Willow
40. Yvonne

This mixed list of male and female cat names should hopefully help you to get started in choosing the best name for your feline friend. However, these are just a start for a range of cat names you should think about using for your pet down the line.

According to various censuses and surveys, then, these are some of the most popular names that you could choose for a cat.

Why your cat name is very important

It might be tempting to just give your cat any old name, but it really is not as good an idea as it might sound. Instead, we highly recommend that you look to give your cat a name that feels like a good personal fit. The simplest reason why your cat’s name matters is that you will hopefully be calling out for a couple of decades to come.

You want something warm, easily recognisable, and familiar to the family. You want something that all of the kids can say, and that your neighbours can easily remember should your cat go off on an adventure.

The name might seem like an afterthought, but it can play an important role in establishing a relationship between yourself and your cat. So, keep that in mind as you try to come to a final decision on the name of the cat.

Still not sure if any of the above names are good enough? Then use these tips to help you come up with a more suitable name!

How to come up with a great name for your cat

While all of the above names are very popular indeed, you might want to try and come up with a way to give your cat a name that you know is going to feel suited to them personally. We all have our own stories of what our pets can be like, so getting them a name that feels totally appropriate to who they are should be pretty high up on your list of things to do.

If you want a hand in coming up with the best names for a cat, then you should definitely consider the following. This should make cat naming a far less trying experience!

Think about their colour

First off, many of us look to name our cats based on something to do with their colour. For example, you might like to use a term for the colour of their fur, such as a foreign word for the name. for example, a cat that is entirely black could be called something like Amaro or Kalan. These are both words in other languages for the colour black.

This works well because it can be a great way to match up with the cat. For better accuracy, try and find out where the origin of their particular breed comes from. For example, you might wish to use a word from the language or culture that the breed seems to originate from. It is just another way to add something a bit more thoughtful into the naming convention and can make the name feel more specific.

Think of something funny

Of course, you might just want to go for something that you know others will laugh at. If you are going to call your cat something like Cat Benatar, though, you probably want to use that name only in the house!

Unless you have no issue with people in the public looking at you quizzically, try and come up with a name that feels suited to your cats own personality. It can be something that suits what they look like. For example, you could probably find a pun based on something about their looks or based on their personality to name it after.

Don’t just go for the first funny pun that you can think of or find online, though. While Kitty Kitty Bang Bang might sound hilarious in your head, you want to find something that actually applies to your feline. So, think closely before deciding.

Make it something easy to remember

A common mistake when naming a pet is to give it a name that can be a real mouthful to say. If you want to get your cats attention, something in the 1-3 syllable range should be perfect. The main reason is simplicity; if you want to get the attention of your cat, you often need to repeat yourself. You want to avoid, if you can, saying some long-winded name over and over.

So, try and find a name that feels a little bit more specific to the cat but also feels like something that would actually fit in with who they are as a cat. Look for something that you have no problem repeating over and over again. That is why the funny names above should be kept quite simple. Shouting ‘Come here Mayor Fluffington!’ might sound funny at first, but it will grow tiresome.

Find a personality trait (or an aesthetic trait)

When coming up with a name for your own cat, you should look for something they do that makes you think of them. For example, your cat might have something of an adventurous side. Well, you could come up; with a name that fits in with that – what about Columbus?

You can find many ways to associate the name with the cat themselves. Look for something that can fit in with their look, too. For example, a common one would be a cat with a stripe to become ‘Tri’ (for the tri-colour nature of their fur) or for a cat with a patchy pattern to be the age-old classic ‘Patch’.

You can find many ways to find a cool, unique name that actually fits your cat. It might just take a bit of planning to get the right name.

Find something that can last for years

While naming your kitten something that is a wordplay on the term kitten might seem fitting today, think about the next years to come. Your cat could be around for as many as 20 years, so you want to make sure it is named something that feels fitting for a cat as opposed to a kitten.

Changing names for a pet later in life is a bit pointless as they are far less likely to recognise the second name. So, you would get a much better result by thinking about a name that works for the long term.

If in doubt, use a human name

Lastly, if you are not sure, you should think about going down the ‘easy’ route of using a human name. Many people choose names involving a C or a K at the start, purely because they can connect better with cats. ‘Colin the cat’ or ‘Kasper the cat’ can work well, for example. You want something that feels like it rolls off the tongue.

Sometimes, going for a more abstract name can just create confusion. Something simple and human-inspired, though, can work well for getting your cat name familiar.

Choosing a pet name is tough work, but it does not have to be hard by any stretch of the imagination. With the above, you should be much more likely to find a purr-fect cat name for your feline friend. Let us know what name you have chosen for your cat!