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Top 12 Friendliest Cat Breeds

When you want to bring a pet into your home, it is absolutely imperative that you look to bring in something friendly. While many pet breeds exist that are naturally friendly, choosing a friendly cat can be tough work. To help you find the best option for your home, then, we have broken down a list of what we think are the friendliest cat breeds.

As you will soon work out, having a cat breed that you can trust to be friendly is vital. It stops fights with other animals, it avoids the kids getting scratched, and it can stop you from coming home to a brand-new sofa being torn to shreds.

To help you find that you have a cat on your hands who isn’t going to give you a headache, then, we highly recommend you take a look at the following. This will give you every opportunity you need to make sure you choose one of the friendliest cat breeds.

Instead of having a hard time trying to get your cat to acclimatise to life at home, one of the following breeds makes life easy. So, with that in mind, what are some of the friendliest cat breeds?

The top twelve friendliest cat breeds

The Maine Coon

We want to start off with a classic cat breed – the Maine Coon. These are highly regarded as one of the friendliest cat breeds due to their relaxing nature. Despite being a very large housecat, the Maine Coon is very easy to have around the place as they are great with kids, they are kind-natured, and they are very easy to groom and to train.

Definitely, the ideal choice for anyone looking to bring a cat into the house they know isn’t going to destroy the place through boredom!


If you want a cat that looks very friendly and matches that in attitude, the Birman is a fine cat choice. They are very friendly and cheery little cats and tend to be great for anyone looking for a family cat that is loyal almost to a fault. They are kind-natured, lack natural aggression, and are great to have around kids and other pets.

They also are useful for those who just want to have a cat to play with at home. So long as these social felines have someone to play with, they are happy.


Looking for a cat that you don’t have to worry about your neighbour telling you it was a nightmare? Then you want a Chartreux. These are cats that never make too much noise, never get up in your grill, and tend to be a very relaxing company in general.

They also make a fine choice, too, for anyone who wants a cat that can avoid acting up in the company. Other cats can become very excited by new people and tend to act out for attention. The Chartreux, though, is a cat breed that stays cool as a cucumber in social circumstances.

The Moggy

Moggy cats have a poor reputation with some people, but they should not have anything like this reputation. They make great cats to have around the place and tend to be the kind of calming and friendly presence that we would all want from a cat.

They make a good choice, too, as they tend to be quite small and dainty cats. So, you don’t need to worry about your wee moggy cat getting aggressive with other pets at home or with pets in the neighbourhood. They are good for those looking for a cat that is easy to discipline overall.


You might assume something with a name as cool as Abyssinian is not going to be too friendly, but that is simply not the case. While it might not sit on your lap for hours, the Abyssinian is a fine choice purely because it is a relaxing, calming cat. They are a cat breed that loves to find a balance between bouncing around the place having fun and just relaxing, chilling out on the couch with you.

For that reason, many people choose to pick up this particular breed of cat when they want a new feline friend.

The Siamese

Another fine choice for most homeowners looking for the friendliest cat breeds would be a Siamese. While some worry they are devious, their nature goes against what you might assume based on their persona looks. They are a good choice as they like people, they are easy to sit around with, and they are quite low maintenance.

Most people find they have no problem learning what their Siamese wants and does not want, as well. Other breeds can make it tough to work out what your cat actually wants; the Siamese, though, makes its wants/needs very clear.

The Ragdoll

An excellent pick for anyone looking for a happy and friendly little feline is the Ragdoll. The ragdoll is among the most popular cat breeds in the world with good reason. They are very relaxing cats and they tend to be ideal for those who live in a limited space, such as a small apartment.

This type of cat is typically one that becomes attached to its own, too. So, you might find that when you come in from a long day at work that your feline is sitting waiting for you to come in: a sure-fire sign of the friendliest cat breeds!

The Sphynx

This cat can seem daunting due to its evil-ish-looking appearance, but do not let looks deceive you: the Sphynx is easily among the most satisfying pets in the world. they are charming, they are great for those with kids, and they tend to be very easy to care for due to the hairless (or near hairless) nature of their bodies.

They also are quite low-maintenance cats who are just as happy to lounge around the place and relax as they are to go on adventures and see what the rest of your home has to offer them.


Persian cats are famous, and it is easy to see why; they are such a happy, easy breed to spend time around.

Put one in the company of another pet or a child and they should behave like gold. they are very calm cats and while it might not be as outgoing as other breeds they are typically very easy to satisfy. They tend to be great for those who enjoy a more tranquil atmosphere, as the Persian does not tend to like busy houses or loud atmospheres. If you want to just relax and read a book, they are a great company.

Shorthair Cats

The shorthair range of cats, such as the Exotic Shorthair, makes a great cat option for anyone looking for a new feline friend. They tend to be great to have fun with as they are just very comfortable around the house. They are quite calm cats and they tend to ask you for your assistance in the most calming way possible.

Many cat owners want a Shorthair because they are so good around kids. This makes them a good choice for most people looking for a way to keep the house calm as opposed to wild.

Scottish Folds

Another good choice for most homeowners would be the Scottish Fold. These make a great pick because they tend to be quite laid back and easy to hang around with. They are quiet and they are the kind of cats that can be easy to adjust to new people;/ ideal if you are bringing in a Fold who has come from another house later on in their life.

They are good to have around the place, but they do tend to be especially useful if you are someone with other pets – even dogs – around the place.

Russian Blues

Lastly, the Russian Blue is a very particular type of cat that you should find is a grand choice around the place. They are generally great cats to spend time around and they are the kind of cats that know they are adorable looking and thus court the attention.

While they can be a bit of an attention hog, the Russian Blue is a fantastic feline friend to have around the place. Their temperament makes them easy to control; the only ‘worry’ is they are quite energetic and have very long legs for a cat, so can run very fast indeed. If you can keep up with them, though, Russian Blues are a great cat to have around the place!

Which of the friendliest cat breeds do you like most?

We all have our own preferences in life, especially when it comes to pets. If you are looking for an easy and satisfying way to pick up a pet that is not going to give you a headache, look into the above breeds. These are all regarded as some of the friendliest cat breeds; the kind of animal that you know is not going to leave you with a headache and a ‘to do’ list that gives you regular headaches!

Instead, you can enjoy a happy, comfortable home experience together.