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best cat breeds for allergies

10 Best Cat Breeds for People With Allergies

For anyone planning to get a cat, one of the most important factors to take into account is allergies. Do you ever find that spending time around a cat makes you sneeze? Then you might be looking for a cat that can give you some help with that. Many cat breeds are considered hypoallergenic, so it is useful to look into the best breeds to help you. Here, we will break down the best cat breeds for people with allergies.

These allergies can become quite demeaning and annoying, and they can limit your quality of life. From spending all day sneezing and coughing to your vision being impaired due to allergies, many people can find cats give them a lot of problems. By picking one of the below cat breeds, though, you should find it much easier to have a feline friend hanging around the place.

To help you get a better idea of how to deal with finding a cat that you can rely upon, then, use this simple guide. Now, you can fully understand what you are dealing with when it comes to allergen-friendly cat breeds moving forward.

The truth behind hypoallergenic cats

So, one issue that you might find when looking into the best cat breeds for people with allergies is that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. There are no breeds that are 100% free from allergens. What you are looking for, then, is a cat that can fall within the level of tolerance that you have many.

Many cat owners find that one breed can set them off, while others cause little to no discomfort or irritation. Keep that in mind, as we can all have different reactions to various breeds. If you are sensitive enough, then even the cats on the below list could set off your allergic reactions.

The main thing to think about when you are looking for is a cat that can be tested. You are looking for what is known as the Fel d 1 protein; have this tested before you bring a cat home. This gives you a better idea of how likely they are to set off your own personal allergic reaction.

If you are serious about finding a total hypoallergenic cat, you will be waiting a long time. The below list, though, offers breeds that can be a little bit easier to handle.

The ten best cat breeds for people with allergies

1.      Javanese

A popular kind of cat breed to start off the list would be the Javanese. Javanese cats are growing in popularity for those who are looking for the best cat breeds for people with allergies. They come without an undercoat, so they are far less likely to have fur that is going to cause you to have a runny nose after a few short hours in their company.

Cats in this breed are also quite friendly and happy to spend time around kids. So, if you want a cat that is easy to get disciplined and less likely to set off allergens, start here.

2.      Cornish Rex

If you are looking for a cat that can take on a very particular personality, then take on the Cornish Rex. These are great cats for those who want to avoid allergens, as they tend to avoid shedding anything like the dander of longhaired cats.

They are equipped with a very fine undercoat and they have no topcoat, so they are far less likely to send you into a sneezing fit. They are intelligent, friendly, socially active cats. If you don’t mind a cat that likes to be the centre of all of the attention, start with this.

3.      Selkirk Rex

This popular breed of cat is a good choice for those who live quite a sedentary life and want a pet who matches this. These cats tend to be quite low-energy and can be good for lounging around the house. They also make a fine choice for those who want a cat that has a wavy coat with minimal shedding.

For that reason, you should absolutely look to take the Selkirk Rex in as a potential pet that you could have around the place. A fantastic choice for just about anyone, they need just minimal brushing once-twice per week.

4.      Devon Rex

Similar to the above, the Devon Rex is a popular cat breed for those looking for an allergen-limited breed. They are a great choice as they tend to be quite easy to work with thanks to their minimalistic coat. They also tend to have a wavy coat so it is much less likely to start shedding, thus reducing the likelihood of dander building up around the place.

They make a fine choice for most people looking for a friendly and caring pet they can introduce to the household. They are quite playful and are happy to get involved, making them ideal social cats.

5.      Russian Blue

Another option to add to our list would be the Russian Blue. The Russian Blue is a popular cat breed that is known for having low levels of the Fel d 1 protein. They are quite furry cats, carrying a natural density to their fur, but it should not be too much for most people.

So long as you care for their coat a little you can remove any of the major dander that can build up on a cat coat like this. While it is a little furball, it is surprisingly allergen-friendly!

6.      Oriental

Oriental cats are comfortably among the best cat breeds for people with allergies. They are a good choice as they can be very easy to care for, and they have a very intelligent manner. They are also only likely to need brushing once or twice per week, making them a low-maintenance cat option.

They also tend to be easy to keep dander free from; a quick rub with a wet cloth when you are brushing them should do a good job of removing most of the dander. Overall, Oriental cats make a fantastic choice.

7.      Balinese

Another cat breed to look into would be the Balinese cat. These cats are often much easier to deal with as they have Fel d 1 levels. They also have just a single layer to their coat, which can help to cut down on the potential risk for the build-up of most mild cat allergies.

They are a good choice for most pet owners, and they are also quite friendly and cheery cats. If you want a happy-go-lucky feline that shouldn’t be too allergy-reactive, consider a Balinese cat.

8.      Siamese

What list of the best cat breeds for people with allergies would be complete without the Siamese?

These special little felines are among the most famous low-allergen cat breeds around. However, they are also good choices for those who want a cat that can be more low maintenance and thus relaxing to spend time around. They tend to be good cats for minimal shedding, too, often needing a weekly brush alone to keep the dander levels at a manageable rate. Absolutely a good choice for anyone looking for a cat that can relax at home.

9.      Siberian

A Siberian cat is a growing option for those looking for a low allergy cat. They are a good cat for thickness in their coat because they do not tend to get tangled up. This means that you can more readily brush down their coat and get it going all in one direction, avoiding all of the tangles that other breeds end up with.

They are going to need weekly brushing, but outside of this, you would do well to find a cat that needs less maintenance. They are great cats for just about anyone to have around the place.

10.  Bengal

Though the Bengal can still be quite a shedder, they are noted for having a short pelt so they are quite easy to care for. They are good for those who want a cat with a lot of energy around the place; if you can give up the hours of time and affection needed to a Bengal, you will pretty soon find that you have made a friend for life.

Definitely a choice of cat to think about if you want something a little bit different. Though they are quite allergen-friendly, they are among the higher-risk options on this list.

Which cat breed will you look to?

Cat breeds come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be tough to find time to locate the right breed for you. All of the above, though, is the best cat breeds for people with allergies. These are going to be the ideal kitties to have around the place if you want to avoid sneezing and coughing all day.

From a runny nose to streaming eyes to itchiness and discomfort, pet allergies can be a nightmare. The above cats, though, should avoid this particular issue!