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What Are the Most Used Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats

What Are the Most Used Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats?

When it comes to giving our pets essential oils, there are some which are more common than others. Common perhaps because they are widely regarded as safe, or because the benefits can be pretty clear. However, if you want to make sure your dog and/or cat gets the most from essential oils, it pays to […]

Should dogs stay away from violets

Should Dogs Stay Away From Violets?

If you love having a dog at home, you probably love to have them out in the garden having fun. Roaming around the beauty of nature, especially if you have lots of plants, can be great fun for a dog. However, one problem that you might have is making sure your dog does not get […]

Should Dogs Stay Away From Malunggay Leaves

Should Dogs Stay Away From Malunggay Leaves?

If you have a dog, then the list of things that you need to keep them away from seems to grow longer by the day. Caring for a dog, though, means understanding the world we inhabit and what they can – and cannot – interact with. Your main job as the owner of a dog, […]

Should dogs stay away from Lavenders

Should Dogs Stay Away From Lavenders?

Like many people, you might have a love for lavenders. They smell great, they have a beautiful look, and they can really brighten up the look and feel of any garden. As a dog owner, though, it always pays to know what plants your dog can handle and what they cannot. Adventurous in the extreme, […]

How to Save Money and Travel the World With Your Pet

How to Save Money and Travel the World With Your Pet?

For just about anyone who has a pet, the idea of traveling with them sounds awesome. Being able to share some time with your pet outside of the country gives you a new experience to enjoy together. At the same time, it can introduce your pet to new sights that they might simply never have […]

Is Pet Technology Good or Bad

Is Pet Technology Good or Bad?

When it comes to the use of technology for pets, some are all for it. Others feel that it can cause disruptions to their quality of life. Is pet technology good or bad? It really is a matter of personal opinion. For people who surround themselves with technology, having their pet involved in the use […]

Do Dogs Need Manganese in Their Diet

Do Dogs Need Manganese in Their Diet

If you have a dog at home, it is so important that you give it the best and most varied diet that you possibly can. This often includes making a lot of decisions around vitamins, minerals, and other important ingredients. One mineral that can often slip past your thinking when building your dog’s diet, though, […]

How Much Water Do Dogs Need

How Much Water Do Dogs Need?

When you are caring for a canine, it is important that you give them every single opportunity possible to feel good. This means including lots of water intake and food to help them stay happy, healthy, and full in the belly. Yet one thing that is often uncertain is the water quantities that your dog […]

Do Dogs Know When You Are Pregnant?

Ask anyone who has a passion for dogs, and they will tell you that dogs can do some pretty incredible things. From being able to sniff out illness to be able to know when you are sad, dogs have pretty incredible empathy factors. However, one common claim is that a dog can tell when you […]

Do Dogs Get Sagging Cheeks or Wrinkles

Do Dogs Get Sagging Cheeks or Wrinkles

If you are the owner of a dog, or you want to get a dog, you might be interested in understanding more aspects of their aesthetic. You see, most people look at dogs and wonder how they age. Do dogs begin to get wrinkles? Do their cheeks begin to sag as a human cheek would? […]

DIY Shampoo Recipes for Your Dog

DIY Shampoo Recipes for Your Dog

When you have a dog that needs to be cleaned up, the best way to do so is to shampoo them. Shampooing a dog is hilarious as they tend to love the feeling and sit there all regal and happy as you work the shampoo into their fur. They will look cleaner, smell better, and […]

Can Your Dog Have Turmeric

Can Your Dog Have Turmeric?

If you have a beloved canine in your life, it stands to reason that you want to give them as many goodies as possible. This can be treated to make them happy, but also medicines and treatments to make them feel healthier. With that in mind, you might be thinking about giving your dog turmeric. […]

Vitamin E Oil on Your Dog

Can You Use Vitamin E Oil on Your Dog?

If you have a dog at home, then one of the most common issues you might have can be skin conditions. It can be hard to spot for a dog, of course, under all of that fur, but skin conditions are surprisingly common for canines. When you are looking for solutions to improve the issue, […]

Can You Use Castor Oil on Your Dog

Can You Use Castor Oil on Your Dog?

If you have a pet dog, it is common to look to find topical treatments and solutions that can generally make them happier. Improving a canine’s quality of life takes a lot of work and no shortage of effort to get it to work. For example, many dog owners today will choose to give their […]

Can you use black seed oil on your dog

Can You Use Black Seed Oil on Your Dog?

As a dog owner, it makes sense that you might be a bit concerned about what you can and cannot give your canine. There are so many ingredients and items that, while good for humans, can be dangerous to dogs. If you want to avoid giving your dog something they shouldn’t take, it always pays […]

Can You Use Argan Oil on Your Dog

Can You Use Argan Oil on Your Dog?

If you have a dog at home then it stands to reason that you want to give them the best quality of life that you possibly can. For most people, this includes going down the route of using various oils and treatments on their skin and their fun. Whether it is to help the irritation […]

Can You Put Your Dog on a Paleo Lifestyle

Can You Put Your Dog on a Paleo Lifestyle?

When you are looking for ways to raise your dog, it is common to look at their lifestyle and diet. Many will worry that they are feeding their dog a lot of nonsense, essentially, and fear their diet will be the undoing of their dog. For some, trying to get their dog to match up […]

Can you give kombucha to dogs

Can You Give Kombucha to Dogs?

If you have a dog at home, then it is common that you would want to give them things that you like. Bonding with a dog often involves giving them little treats and extras that you know they will love. Out of all of the extras that you might want to give them to try, […]

can dog eat sourdough

Can Dogs Have Sourdough?

If you love baking at home, and you have a dog, you are probably used to chasing them out the door. Yeast, after all, is toxic to dogs – and just about any home baking will involve the use of yeast. If you find your dog eating dough or yeast, you should probably make an […]

Can Dogs Have Yeast

Can Dogs Have Yeast?

Out of all of the things that we can feed our dogs, one of the most common questions can revolve around yeast. Yeast is used in so many of our day-to-day cooking that it can be almost assumptive that your dog can handle yeast intake. Is this the case, though? Or should you perhaps take […]

dachshund in the autumn background with red leaves

Can Dogs Have Tomato Juice?

For anyone with a dog at home, working out what they can and cannot eat and drink can be a nightmare. Dogs are very confusing creatures at the best of times, and the way their bodies handle certain foods differs from our own. As such, what is safe for a human is not always safe […]

Can dogs have sesame seed oil

Can Dogs Have Sesame Seed Oil?

Out of the many oils that we use today in cooking and in culinary culture, the use of sesame seed oil is well-loved. Many cooks swear by the stuff, and it can become a very common starting place for many cooking recipes. However, if you have a dog at home, you might wonder whether or […]

Can Dogs Have Seaweed

Can Dogs Have Seaweed?

For anyone who might be looking to help feed their dog with a bit more consistency, it can be tough to choose the right dietary solutions. One of the best places to start, we have found, is with seaweed. You might be wondering what you can (and cannot) feed your dog – and seaweed is […]

Can Dogs Have Rosemary

Can Dogs Have Rosemary

If you have a dog, then it stands to reason that you will want to feed them as many good and natural products as possible. For those of us who enjoy having healthy and balanced diets, we can spend a lot of time trying out different meals. We can include various foods and spices in […]

can dogs have peanut butter

Can Dogs Have Peanut Butter?

Do you like peanut butter? Then you might feel like you want to give your dog some of this lovely nutty goodness. Humans often love to share their favorite foods with their beloved canines. With that in mind, you might want to try and better understand whether or not dogs can have peanut butter. Before […]

Can Dogs Have Olives

Can Dogs Have Olives and Olive Oil?

For many humans, the use of olive oil and olives in their diet is very common. Olives are a common snack for many, and they are used quite regularly in cooking. Olive oil is also used extremely commonly by humans when it comes to cooking. Ask any Italian about the joy of simply dipping some […]

Can dogs have manuka honey

Can Dogs Have Manuka Honey?

If you have a dog, it stands to reason that you want to treat them to things that you know they will enjoy. A dog deserves a treat the same as anyone else, and with that in mind you might look at sweet treats to give them. A common starting place for many people would […]

can dogs have kale

Can Dogs Have Kale?

Regarded as one of the most powerful plant products in the world, kale is commonly regarded as a superfood. Athletes and healthy living types the world around will look to use kale in their diet on a daily basis. If you have a dog at home, you might think about dropping a little bit on […]

Can Dogs Have Garlic

Can Dogs Have Garlic?

For dog owners, our dogs are some of the most important creatures in our lives. Keeping care of them is a priority, and it can be immensely important to look after your dog. This means caring for them through proper exercise and diet. That is why it is important to know what your dog can […]

Can Dogs Have Coconut Oil

Can Dogs Have Coconut Oil?

Got a dog at home? Then you might be unsure about what you can feed them. Dogs can typically eat many things that humans can, but a common confusion comes down to certain oil-based foods. For example, take coconut oil. Many assume that because humans can eat the stuff dogs should have no problem with […]

Can Dogs Have Chia Seeds

Can Dogs Have Chia Seeds?

Feeding your dog the right kind of food should be a priority as the owner of a canine. It is important that your dog is given a consistent and varied diet, while still making sure they get the essential food(s) they need to live well. When you want to give your dog a bit of […]

Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Can Dogs Have Apple Cider Vinegar?

Out of all of the things that we can give to our dogs, one ingredient many will take a look at is apple cider vinegar. This is a commonly given food product that can be handed out to dogs with relative ease. However, like just about anything else you can apply to your dog, you […]

Can Dogs Have Aniseed

Can Dogs Have Aniseed?

When looking for ways to give your dog different treats and foods they might like, it is common to get creative. You can often basically play a game of guessing and offer them various foods and drinks. The problem is that dogs really will have a go at anything; even foods and drinks that could […]

Can dogs eat lemon

Can Dogs Eat Lemon?

If you have a dog in your life, then there are many things that you might think to feed them. Numerous products will come along that you might think you want to let them try because they seem intrigued by the scent or smell. Many fruits are something your dog might like the smell of, […]

Can Dogs Eat Dates

Can Dogs Eat Dates?

When it comes to owning a dog, we want to give them all of the tasty treats and snacks we can. We want to reward them for their love, loyalty, and companionship. However, some treats that we enjoy as humans can be quite dangerous to dogs. As such, it is always better to quickly research […]

Can Dogs Be on a Vegan Lifestyle

Can Dogs Be on a Vegan Lifestyle?

The idea of raising a dog within a vegan lifestyle is, for some, a cruel idea. Dogs are naturally carnivorous, and it should be something that we pay attention to when deciding on their diets. However, the question that we are asking isn’t should dogs be on a vegan diet. Instead, we want to look […]

Breakfast Ideas for Your Dog

Breakfast Ideas for Your Dog

If you have a dog at home and you want to feed it something different for breakfast, it is easy to get creative. However, working out what your dog should have for their breakfast can be tough. Conflicting reports of what can and cannot make a good breakfast for dogs can make it easy to […]

white dog breed

9 White Dog Breeds: Big, Small & Fluffy (With Pictures)

All dogs are unquestionably beautiful, yet there is something truly majestic about a white dog.  Maybe it’s the cloud-colored coat that gives them that regal appearance or that their white faces help them look so expressive. In any case, a white dog breed is a great choice for any dog-lover, offering a beautiful snow-kissed companion.  […]

Amazing Axolotl Colors

13 Amazing Axolotl Colors

Axolotls are a type of small salamander native to Mexico. Found in freshwater lakes near Mexico City, the axolotl has become a popular pet, thanks to its adorable appearance. Small and elegant, axolotl colors are varied, with all kinds of beautiful color combinations across the species.   Are Axolotls Good Pets? Yes, axolotls are great pets […]

Pitbull Mixes That are Amazing and Adorable

16 Pitbull Mixes That are Amazing and Adorable (With Pictures)

Pitbull dog breeds are some of the most popular pets around. Known for their strong, powerful appearance, Pitbull breeds are also regarded as fantastic family dogs, being very loving and affectionate.  So, it’s not surprising that when you combine these Pitbull characteristics with other breeds, you get some amazing results! A Pitbull mix breed typically […]

Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

14 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds in the World (With Pictures)

Horses are known for their strong, elegant appearance, being one of the most popular domesticated animals in the world. Their domestication dates to around 6,000 years ago, originating from a region encompassing modern-day Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.  The natural strength, balance, and speed of a horse mean they served various functions throughout history. For instance, […]

Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

If there is one that dog lovers agree on, it’s that all dogs are beautiful. Of course, we all have our own preferences, with different opinions on what are the most beautiful dog breeds. Many love the cute appearance of smaller dog breeds, while others are more inclined towards larger breeds.  Thankfully, there are so […]

Fluffy Cat Breeds

10 Fluffy Cat Breeds (with Pictures)

There are fewer things more enjoyable in life than snuggling up for some cuddles with a fluffy cat. Soft fur and cute purrs are a match made in heaven, so it’s easy to see why fluffy cats are so popular!  Loveable and intelligent, cats make such great pets that you’re truly missing out if you’ve […]

14 Amazing Black and White Dog Breeds

14 Amazing Black and White Dog Breeds

At a quick glance, it’s easy to see why black and white dogs are so popular. The contrast of black and white tones across their coats gives them a distinct appearance that makes them stand out from the crowd.  Available in a range of shapes and sizes, there are various dog breeds that come in […]