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10 Facts About Cavapoos You Need To Know

As far as owning a dog breed goes, few dog breeds can be quite as adorable as a Cavapoo. These amazingly cute dogs have become increasingly popular today for people looking for a pet that they can rely upon having at home. The Cavapoo is a common choice for many dog owners who are looking for an animal that can feel a little bit easier to handle. Compared to other dog breeds, they can be very easy to keep control of and retain discipline with. However, if you are looking for a reason to get a Cavapoo, then this list of facts should help you to justify that decision.

You see, Cavapoos are a very popular dog breed due to their calming and kind nature. There is much to love about such an animal, but they are also quite confusing. If you are unsure about whether or not owning a Cavapoo would be the right choice for you, then we highly recommend that you take a look at the following Cavapoo facts.

Now, you can decide a little bit easier if having a Cavapoo in your life would be something that you would want to consider.

The most interesting facts about Cavapoo dogs

The coat says a lot about a Cavapoo

So, one thing to note about the Cavapoo is that it has a very descriptive, specific coat type. These animals are easily recognisable thanks to how their coat looks; unlike other breeds, there can be some pretty wild changes in how a Cavapoo’s coat looks compared to another Cavapoo.

The coat is likely to be white, to be black, or to be a triple colour. The coat can be straight or it can be wavy. The determination of the coat comes from their parentage. So, make sure that you know more about the dog’s previous heritage before you commit to taking on a particular kind of Cavapoo.

If you are not too fussed about the style of coat then fair enough, but many dog owners are very insistent on this fact. So, keep that in mind when you are visiting potential Cavapoo breeders.

They are great around children

A common thing to note about the Cavapoo is that they tend to be brilliant around kids. If you are looking for a family dog then considering a Cavapoo should be up there on your list. They are very easy to get to calm down and to be safe around kids. The only thing to worry about is their energetic nature (see below) potentially leading to an accident.

So long as you watch your Cavapoo dealing with the kids, though, you can step in should anything look like it could potentially get out of hands. They have the energy to keep up with a child without any issue, and they also have the fun temperament to make sure kids can have plenty of fun times running around the house and the outdoors with their new best friend. Again, just watch for any signs of overexuberance.

The Cavapoo is a dog with limitless energy

Given its nature and its heritage, it should come as no surprise that Cavapoo’s require a lot of time and energy. They are a dog breed that is very active so if you do not go out much and/or your job requires you to leave your Cavapoo inside, you should probably reconsider.

These are not a dog breed to be left alone or to live a sedentary life. They are naturally energetic canines, so it can be hard to get a Cavapoo that is not going to want to be active. While you can find that as they age they can calm down a bit, younger Cavapoo’s can be almost unmanageable if you are not getting them enough exercise.

Daily exercise routines that are more than just a basic walk, though, are an absolute must. Make sure you can commit to that before taking on a Cavapoo.

They are very obedient

An important thing to note about the Cavapoo is that they are very disciplined dogs naturally. They are very easy to train, or at least they will be easy for an expert train. This is because they are very calm and relaxing dogs, which comes from their make-up of a mix between a poodle and a cavalier. So, you should find that your Cavapoo is a dog that can be very easily trained.

Most dogs can be a tough challenge to train and to get to fall in line, but these dogs are not like that at all. Indeed, most owners of a Cavapoo should find that they can get their dog to calm down and do as it is told with relative ease.

Out of all of the modern and popular dog breeds, then, the Cavapoo tends to be among the most simplistic to train.

Cavapoo’s can run into eye issues

Sadly, it is common for Cavapoo’s to run into serious health issues as they age. One of the most common issues is cataracts. This is common in both of the typical parent breeds. This means that you should always find out what the health status was of the parents; if they had a lot of health issues, then unfortunately it is likely to be passed on.

So, make sure you spend as much time as you can getting your head around this as Cavapoo’s have a regular history of cataracts.

A relatively new breed

The Cavapoo is not an old breed, indeed they were first typically found in the 1990s in Australia. They were a consequence of the growth of the labradoodle as a dog breed. Other breeding options took place, and the Cavapoo was a natural consequence of that. They soon went from being a designer breed in the Australian dog world to being one of the most popular breeds of dog that anyone could have in the country.

To this day, they are still one of the most recognisable dog breeds in Australia and are increasingly common elsewhere.

These are not large dogs

Another thing to note is that the Cavapoo is not a large dog by any means or form. Indeed, they can typically be around 9” to 14” in size and will weigh an absolute maximum of around 18lbs. So, these are not dogs that you have to worry about being overly large or challenging to deal with.

For the most part, you can find that larger dogs are harder to handle while smaller dogs are much more capable of being controlled. With that in mind and their natural mood, the Cavapoo is a great dog to train.

The size increases lifespan

While that dainty nature is sure to worry some, you can expect that your Cavapoo could live for as long as 14 years. An average of 10-14 years is quite common, so you can easily spend some time around your dog and enjoy having them in your life. One thing to note, too, about the Cavapoo is that it can be a dog that is very easy to care for.

If you can fit in the exercise and you give them a good enough diet – and you know what health ailments to look out for – you should find their lifespan closer to 14 years than 10.

Cavapoo’s can match your mood

If you want a dog that can easily match the mood of its owner, be sure to consider a Cavapoo. These are dogs that are not going to react too well to shouting or harsh training, as they are simply too smart to fall for such tactics. However, they are typically good at responding to what they are asked to do. As such, if you want a calm and happy Cavapoo you should speak to it in a tone that matches this general mood style.

Small dogs with big appetites

Lastly, you should make sure you focus on what your Cavapoo is actually eating. They are dogs that love to eat, but they have a habit of eating things they should not be eating. They are not a picky eater, but they can put on a lot of weight due to this nature. You should try and find a good blend between real hearty food and treats; some 90% of their daily calories should come from meals as opposed to snacks.

Make sure you watch what they are eating and record any potential adverse reactions that might come from certain foods so you can watch out for them later.

Will you get yourself a Cavapoo?

As you can see, then, these are dogs which come with some very interesting features. Compared to other dogs out there, they are very unique. For that reason, we highly recommend that you think closely about the kind of dog that you want.

The above should make clear that the Cavapoo is not your average canine. With a bit of looking around and researching, though, you should have no problem at all in determining whether or not Cavapoo dogs are for you.