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Fluffy Cat Breeds

10 Fluffy Cat Breeds (with Pictures)

There are fewer things more enjoyable in life than snuggling up for some cuddles with a fluffy cat. Soft fur and cute purrs are a match made in heaven, so it’s easy to see why fluffy cats are so popular! 

Loveable and intelligent, cats make such great pets that you’re truly missing out if you’ve never owned one. So, if you’re looking to enjoy the companionship of a furry feline, you’ll certainly want to consider a fluffy cat breed!

However, with so many breeds to choose from, finding the best fluffy cat is sometimes difficult. Do you go for a long hair or mid hair breed? What fluffy cats are best for families or homes with other pets? 

There are lots to consider, so we’re going to make things easier with our list of the top ten fluffy cat breeds!  Let’s look at some of the most popular fluffy cat breeds below! 

Why Should I Get a Fluffy Cat?

A fluffy cat is not just a great companion but also a beautiful pet to own. They typically have longer fur, giving them an elegant appearance that many find appealing. Fluffier cats are also very loving and friendly, having a reputation for showing a lot of affection to their owners. 

Plus, you get to enjoy the soft, sensual feeling of their fluffy fur whenever you snuggle together. Their softer fur makes petting them even more enjoyable, helping you build a strong bond with your furry friend.  

However, it is important to consider the drawbacks of owning a fluffy cat. The main issue is that all the beautiful fur tends to shed frequently, while you need to brush them more often. Cats do groom themselves, but some extra brushing for their long fur keeps it neat and tidy. Also, brushing a fluffy cat helps bond with your pet, while removing any dirt and debris. 

Popular Fluffy Cat Breeds 


Persian cats are one of the fluffiest breeds available, making them a popular choice for cat lovers around the world. 

This breed is highly affectionate, making them a great cat for families with children. Their quieter nature means they are always relaxed, loving nothing more than getting their soft fur petted. 

If you want a fluffy cat to snuggle in your lap, then a Persian is a great choice. Remember, that long, luscious fur does require some upkeep with regular brushing. While time-consuming, brushing their fur helps strengthen your bond, which is never a bad thing! 

Norwegian Forest Cat 

As the name suggests, the Norwegian Forest Cat originates from Norway. The cold Scandinavian climate resulted in thick, fluffy fur to keep the cat nice and warm.  As they have one of the thickest coats of any cat, they are best suited for colder climates. 

That beautiful thick coat means one seriously fluffy cat, with the Norwegian Forest Cat also being quite large. While this bigger cat does shed a lot more hair than others, it means more fluffiness for you to love! 

The Norwegian Forest Cat has striking features that include high pointed ears, a bushy tail, and long legs. Their fur sheds during summer, resulting in a shorter fluffy coat. Their winter coat gives them added fluffiness around the neck and legs. 

Also, the breed is a great choice for families due to their friendly nature.

Maine Coon 

The Maine Coon is a large cat breed originating from North America. These big cats have a reputation for having long, fluffy fur and friendly, outgoing nature. 

Perfect for families, the Maine Coon is most likely a distant relative to the Norwegian Forest Cat. They were first discovered in Maine, New England, and are now the official cat of the state. 

Again, their larger size does mean they shed more fur and need some brushing to keep them looking their best. 


Ragdolls get their name for their habit of going limp or ‘ragdoll’ whenever they are held. It’s a natural tendency so you don’t need to worry if a ragdoll suddenly goes limp when you’re holding it! 

This cat breed has a mid-length fur that is soft and fluffy, while their friendly temperament makes them a family favorite. Their soft white fur is surprisingly dense, forming coat fluffy trousers around their broad legs. 

Ragdolls love to snuggle and cuddle, with regular petting guaranteed with this beautiful breed. Because ragdolls are so friendly and sociable, they are suitable for families with young children and other pets. 


Tracing their heritage back to Siberia, the Siberian cat has thick and highly fluffy fur to keep them warm. Combined with their chunky build, Siberians are quite robust, featuring a beautifully bushy tail that matches their impressive frame. 

An incredibly intelligent breed of cat, the Siberian cat is also very inquisitive. They love playing games, especially puzzles that challenge their intelligence. However, this does mean they are quite mischievous, being able to do things like open doors and cupboards! 

A Siberian cat’s fluffy coat also goes through two notable stages. In winter, the fur becomes thicker to accommodate the colder conditions, then becomes shorter and thinner during summer. Therefore, expect additional shedding at the start of summer as they prepare their new coat! 

Exotic Shorthair 

The Exotic shorthair has a somewhat misleading name – their fur isn’t even that short! 

While shorter than some long-hair breeds featured in this list, their fur does have a decent length, remaining luxuriously fluffy. 

However, this shorter hair does come with some advantages that many people appreciate. For example, their shorter fur means they require less brushing and shed less hair. So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance fluffy cat, the Exotic Shorthair is worth consideration. 

Their adorable facial features, with their large round eyes, will melt the hearts of any cat lover. Combined with their shorter muzzle and broader head, the exotic shorthair has an adorably grumpy face and short, stumpy legs. 


Despite its name, the Himalayan cat breed isn’t from the Himalayas region, instead of being a mix of Persian and Siamese. This combination results in a very fluffy long hair coat that makes the Himalayan breed very popular. 

Furthermore, the fluffy Himalayan comes in various colors, including blue, black, red, chocolate, and cream. They also come with various pattern combos, so Himalayans have all kinds of gorgeous colored coats – each one very fluffy!  

Because their coat is finer, it’s soft and fluffy, making it ideal for plenty of petting throughout the day. However, their finer coat also requires some upkeep, with daily brushing recommended to avoid tangling. 

Because they’re mixed breed, Himalayans are widely available throughout the country, making it easy to find one where you live.

British Shorthair 

Not all fluffy cat breeds are long-haired, as evidenced by the regal British Shorthair. This is a unique fluffy cat breed in that their hair is quite short, although it does have a pleasant plushy texture. When petting this breed, their fur feels as fluffy as a long hair breed. 

This loyal breed of cat is great for families, with most British shorthairs showing plenty of affection. They still maintain their independence too, so are suitable for people with busier lifestyles too. While sometimes reserved, they still enjoy attention when it suits them! 

Their round face and large eyes give the cat lots of character and an all-around adorable appearance. 


The Ragamuffin is a large, fluffy cat with gorgeous walnut eyes and silky soft fur. Their fluffy coat is the moderate length and requires some daily grooming to keep it tangle-free. 

This cat breed is affectionate and playful, being a good choice for first-time owners that want a fluffy cat. Suitable for families, a ragamuffin does enjoy company but is also fine on its own for the day. 

Their social nature means they’re also a good choice for homes with other pets, including cats. They also love following their owner around the house, showing off their adorably expressive face. 


If you want a fluffy cat that is happy to sit in your lap for hours on end, look no further than a Birman. This people-friendly breed loves to socialize, so will happily follow you around and ask for some love and affection. 

Their fur is simply beautiful, coming in soft creams and whites with colored points around the face, ears, and tail. Birmans also have majestic blue eyes that contrast nicely with their softer-colored fur. A semi-long-haired breed, their fur may require daily grooming. 

It’s a friendly and outgoing breed that loves attention, even if it’s someone they’ve just met. Their social nature and attention-loving nature make them an excellent choice for families. Birmans love playing and puzzles, making them great with kids. 

Fluffy Cat Breeds Best for you

Which Fluffy Cat Breed is Best for You? 

So, if you’re looking to enjoy the company of a beautiful fluffy cat breed, make sure to check out the info above. All the cat breeds above have soft, fluffy fur that gives them a beautiful appearance. While a fluffy cat does require a bit more upkeep, namely brushing and tidying up fur, it’s 100% worth it!