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Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

If there is one that dog lovers agree on, it’s that all dogs are beautiful. Of course, we all have our own preferences, with different opinions on what are the most beautiful dog breeds. Many love the cute appearance of smaller dog breeds, while others are more inclined towards larger breeds. 

Thankfully, there are so many beautiful dog breeds that it’s easy to find one that meets your unique tastes! With so many options to choose from, let’s take a closer look at what many consider the ten prettiest dog breeds

The Ten Prettiest Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever 

The Golden Retriever is one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world. Known for their infectious smile and beautiful golden coats, it’s no surprise that Golden Retrievers are considered the most stunning dog breeds.

Originally bred to retrieve birds with minimal damage, Golden Retrievers have a soft mouth that results in a tender bite. Their retrieving nature also means that they love to drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated. 

A golden retriever requires a lot of exercise, so it’s recommended they live in places where they have the freedom to run and explore. 

The breed is a great choice for first-time owners, as they are easily trained and very obedient to their owners. They love to follow commands and have a great temperament while living long and healthy lives. 

Siberian Huskey 

The Siberian Huskey is another hugely popular dog breed. Known for their soft, fluffy coats and striking blue eyes, it’s easy to see why many consider huskies the most beautiful dog breed. 

Unfortunately, their beautiful appearance means that many owners buy a Siberian husky without understanding their temperamental nature. While a beautiful dog breed, the Siberian husky is not suitable for first-time dog owners.

This is because they require a lot of exercise or they can become quite destructive, while their stubborn attitude is often difficult to manage. They are highly intelligent, but their stubbornness makes training difficult without prior experience.

Huskies have a reputation for ignoring commands and doing as they please, with a mischievous nature that many find grating. They have a reputation for selective hearing – or simply ignoring their owner whenever it suits them!

However, many people love huskies for their unique, if somewhat difficult, personalities. It is important to be properly prepared and know what to expect from this beautiful dog breed! 

Labrador Retriever 

Given its status as the most popular dog breed in the US, it is no surprise so many people adore the Labrador Retriever. 

The perfect dog breed for a family, Labrador Retrievers have a great temperament, known for their kind and caring nature. They love to interact with people, especially kids, while their intelligence makes them easy to train and follow commands.

A low prey drive means they are also suitable for homes with pets, including other dog breeds and cats. They do need a fair amount of exercise, so are best suited to families with f time to take them on plenty of walks. 

As a working dog breed, they are generally very healthy, with a lifespan of around 12 years. Like any dog, they do slow down as they age, but aren’t prone to many serious health issues.

German Shepherd 

The German Shepherd is a large dog breed known for its high intelligence and loyalty. Many consider their wolflike appearance and long, soft coats make them among the most beautiful dog breeds. 

German Shepherd’s intelligence means they love being trained and are excellent for various jobs, being one of the most popular working dogs. While originally used to herd sheep, they now have all kinds of jobs, such as law enforcement and search and rescue.

Despite being a large dog breed, they only require moderate exercise, although it is important to train and socialize from an early age. They are protective of their families, which is why socializing is essential to ensure they are friendly and non-aggressive. 

The breed is relatively healthy, suffering from few health conditions, although some do develop back issues as they age. Thankfully, modern breeders are taking note and looking to adjust standards to avoid back-related issues.


Resembling a fluffy cloud with a smile, it’s easy to see why so many people love the beautiful appearance of the Samoyed. 

Originally bred to herd reindeer, the Samoyed is now a popular family dog known for its love for just about everyone. Friendly and welcoming, this breed of dog is not just beautiful but also perfect for families. 

They constantly smile and have endearing personalities, caring greatly for their family. However, their loving nature means they aren’t the most effective guard dog, while they tend to bark quite often. 

Due to their herding background, Samoyeds are an active breed so do need regular walks and attention to keep them content. They absolutely love to play with people, again highlighting their suitability for families. 

The breed is susceptible to some health issues, including a kidney disorder, which is most prevalent in male Samoyeds.

Australian Shepherd 

Despite their name, the Australian Shepherd traces its origins to California, becoming a popular herding dog. Today, the breed is most loved for being great companion dogs, with a friendly and loving nature.

Their herding nature does remain, however, meaning they require a lot of training and exercise to avoid being unruly. As a result, the Australian Shepherd is not the most suitable dog breed for first-time owners. 

Mental stimulation is important for this breed, so owners must dedicate time to train and exercise their Australian Shepherd. 


With their beautiful curly coats and cute appearance, the poodle is regarded as the most beautiful dog breed by many. Not many dog breeds have fur as curly as the poodle, giving them a distinct appearance that makes them very desirable. 

However, many people are surprised at how much exercise poodles need. Originally a working dog, the breed does require lots of physical activity to keep themselves engaged and stimulated. 

Therefore, your average poodle needs several hours of daily exercise, or it may become destructive. Thankfully, their adorable appearance and friendly nature mean it’s easy to get lost for hours as you walk and play together. 

Also, poodles are intelligent dogs, so need mental stimulation on top of their physical exercise. Their intelligence does mean that they are easy to train, but it is vital to keep them stimulated. If not, they end up bored and get quite unruly, often destroying things around the house.

The traditional poodle is a family-friendly dog that loves to play with kids. Their gentle and kind nature means they aren’t aggressive, although they are sometimes shy around strangers. 


Many people love the exotic appearance of dog breeds, and the elegant Saluki certainly fits this category. Originally bred in the Middle East for hunting game, this ancient breed has developed its striking appearance naturally over centuries.

Because their appearance developed naturally instead of through breeding, Salukis maintain a strong sighthound appearance. Their graceful build, long-haired tails, soft fur, and droopy ears give them an air of beauty and elegance. 

A Saluki is typically reserved around people, especially strangers. It is an independent breed, lacking the strong desire for affection that many companion breeds have. However, many people love their individuality, with the dog just as happy being left alone as being played with. 

Mental stimulation is important for this breed due to their high intelligence, whether it’s games, puzzles, or regular training. The breed doesn’t require too much physical exercise, so is suitable for apartments and people living in cities. 

Irish Setter 

Perhaps the most beautiful trait of the Irish Setter is their remarkable coats. Coming in a range of rich colors, from chestnut to mahogany, their medium-length coats are gorgeous. 

As you might expect, these beautiful coats do require some upkeep, with regular brushing essential for good maintenance. Otherwise, their lovely coats become matted, so it’s important to brush them daily!  

The Irish Setter is a sociable breed, getting on with people and other pets. Socializing from a young age is important if you live with smaller animals, as the breed does have a mild prey drive. 

They absolutely love people, showing plenty of affection towards their owners and strangers. Given this is an active breed, regular exercise is important – they do enjoy plenty of playtime!


The Weimaraner is a large dog breed originally bred for hunting game. Available in long and short-haired variations, their soft grey coats are highly regarded for their beautiful appearance. 

As a hunting dog, they have a robust build that gives them the strength and endurance for long hours of work. However, this also means they require a lot of exercise and plenty of playtime to keep them happy. 

Also, they maintain a strong prey drive, so aren’t best for houses with other smaller pets. Keeping them on a leash when walking is important, as they’ll chase smaller animals at the first chance. 

While a beautiful breed, the Weimaraner is best suited to homes with active families and no smaller pets, especially cats. 

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In Conclusion

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes – some stylish, some sophisticated, some adorable. The above list of dogs should give anyone who is looking for the latter an easy decision to make. 

Be sure to look into what dog breed from the above is most suited to you and choose accordingly. Out of all of the dog breeds in the world, though, these are easily regarded as among the most satisfying to look at. What will you choose?