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10 of the World’s Biggest Dog Breeds (And How to Care for Them)

If you ever decide that you want to bring a dog into your life, you might – like many others – choose to get a larger dog. The biggest dog breeds are a common choice for those who want a canine with a bit more heft. While many choose to go down the route of having a little toy dog, not every would-be dog owner wants a tiny companion. If you want something with a bit more energy and strength, then you should look for something in the following breed list below.

Each of these breeds is beloved for its unique nature, and also for its natural size. Such breeds make good companions on hikes, walks, and around the house. However, if you are not sure what breed would be the best choice for you, then you are not alone.

This simple guide, though, will break down ten of the best dog breeds to go for. These larger dogs can be a bit much to handle at first, but you should have no problem in growing to face the challenge. How, though, can you properly care for a larger dog?

Caring for the biggest dog breeds

Speak to any human who is above the 6ft mark, and back problems will be a common complaint. The larger we are, the more pressure our bodies are under. This is a simple fact of life; it plays a huge role, then, in the health issues of the biggest dog breeds.

If you have a larger dog, then it is common for them to run into issues ranging from abnormal cell growth leading to illness to physical disability. From hip problems with larger dogs to a startling rise in the number of illnesses larger dogs can get as they age, there is a lot to think about when caring for the biggest dog breeds.

Typically, the main thing to do is to speak closely with your vet and to choose a breeder/seller very carefully. The more you know beforehand, the easier it is to prepare for health issues as time goes on.

Dogs are a precious addition to any family. Understanding what could go wrong with any given breed is a big part of your job as a dog owner.

To help you make a more informed choice, then, we highly recommend you follow up with any potential dog with a visit to the veterinarian.

The ten biggest dog breeds

1.      French Mastiff

To kick things off, we want to mention the French Mastiff. This is easily among the biggest dog breeds and makes a great friend to have around the house. However, given they can weigh as much as 110lbs, you need to be prepared to feed this dog on a regular basis.

Their massive heads can seem intimidating, but these are easily among the kindest dogs that you could find anywhere in the world. With some training to get rid of their natural stubborn streak, a French Mastiff could make an absolutely awesome companion.

2.      Saint Bernard

A classic in the world of the biggest dog breeds, Saint Bernard is a fine choice for just about any dog owner. They are a good choice as they are friendly, charming, and ideal “nanny dogs” for kids. They are also kind and loving dogs, but their nature as rescue dogs means they are always looking for a challenge to overcome.

If you can give this kind of dog a lot of time in a cool place (they do not handle heat well) then you can enjoy a fantastic friendship together. This is definitely a dog you could rely upon to become more than just a pet, but a friend.

3.      Leonberger

Few dogs are quite as gorgeous as the Leonberger. They are a good choice for anyone looking for a dog that has a long history of serving the aristocracy. They are a good choice of dog for those who want a gentle and patient dog (ideal if you have other pets and/or kids hanging around the place).

However, many choose this as their choice from the biggest dog breeds due to their excellent history as watchdogs. With a bit of training and some care for their natural power, though, the Leonberger could be the ideal dog for your family home.

4.      Anatolian Shepherd

These are big dogs, and at first, they can seem quite intimidating. Spend any amount of time with one, though, and you will realise that it would be tough to find a gentler, kinder dog. With weights as large as 150lbs, though, these are among the biggest dog breeds.

They are a great choice of dog for anyone who wants a smart and protective dog; if you give this dog time and affection, it would go to war for you without a second thought. They are also dogs that need someone to lead them, so be ready to take control if you choose an Anatolian Shep.

5.      Newfoundland

A common choice of biggest dog breeds for most, the Newfoundland is a dog with a kind and charming nature. Sadly, this clashes with their natural power; they can be stronger than they realise. As such, you must always keep an eye on these dogs especially if they are spending time around smaller pets and children. Though they never act out of malice, they can hurt people without even realising it!

A gentle giant of a dog, though, these make absolutely world-class pets.

6.      Great Dane

For many, the Great Dane is the picturesque ‘big dog’ because they have that natural aura and presence. Pick one of these for the family home and you are bringing in a dog that can exceed 32” in size. they are massive, they are strong, and they are protective. They also love to make friends with people, so you should no problem at all in getting to know a Great Dane and forming a strong bond.

However, if you have strangers coming over, be prepared; Great Danes aren’t kind to them at first.

7.      Great Pyrenees

Another dog in the ‘great’ range, the Great Pyrenees is a fine choice for anyone looking for something a little bit different. These are strong dogs and come with a durable, waterproof coat that is double-coated. They are great for those who want a dog that can help them in the winter and in colder conditions, but they are also dogs that are great for just relaxing with due to their mellow, calming nature.

A tremendous choice for just about anyone, they are perfect for anyone looking for a dog roughly in the 100lbs range.

8.      Bullmastiff

A common choice for those who want a natural guard dog. The Bullmastiff is a fine choice as they are powerful dogs that can be aggressive when they need to be. When around calm and happy situations, though, these are dogs that can be far more attentive and caring than you might expect. They are family dogs who will only leap to action if you are put under threat.

They can, though, be a bit on the stubborn side so expect to have to do some coaxing if you want a Bullmastiff to do as it is told!

9.      Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound makes our list of the best biggest dog breeds due to their history as companions. Though originally hunting dogs, today they are mostly used as family dogs. However, they have that protective style which means you should always make sure that your Irish Wolfhound is watched carefully in a confrontation.

They are big and strong, so they don’t mind resorting to their previous role as a battle companion. Keep that in mind, then, as they could be first to fly off the handle if the dog senses that things are getting out of hand.

10.  Caucasian Shepherd

One of the best dog breeds to spend time around for many people is the Caucasian Shepherd. These are a great choice for a big dog breed as they can give you something a little bit different. They can reach heights of around 30” so they are big dogs, but they are also a good choice for those who want a dog that can look after the home.

Just be aware that they tend to react with aggression to strangers and other dogs sniffing around their property. If you can train your dog to be around the people you love and trust, though, it could become the family dog that you have been searching for.

Which breed will you choose?

Dogs are a great thing to have in our life, and they tend to be absolutely perfect for anyone looking for a companion. However, for most of us, having a dog that makes us feel safe is the priority. That is why so many dog owners will happily choose from the above list of the biggest dog breeds.

With your decision now made, you should make sure you are both happy with the choice and that you are prepared to care for your canine companion.