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11 White Cat Breeds: Complete List with Info & Pictures

If you have never had a pet cat, then it is quite likely that you feel like you have missed out. For many, cats are the ultimate pet. They are intelligent and fun to be around, but they also enjoy their own time and space. At the same time, they can be good to have around the place as a solution to various problems – including irritating pest problems. However, if you are looking at white cat breeds, you might not be sure where to begin.

Fancy a white cat? Then you should consider some of the following breeds which are regarded as top-class pets to have at home.

Why should I get a white cat?

For many, the idea of having a white cat is something that just feels a touch purer. White pets are quite rare in some places, so having a white cat can feel pretty unique depending on where you live. If you want to have a white cat, though, you should be aware that white fur can be rare, and thus that rarity can lead to some problems for cats.

For example, a white cat with blue eyes is quite likely to be born deaf. Sadly, there is no way to know if your kitten is deaf until they reach a fair age. It is important that you understand this, as it can be tough to make your choice on what white cat breeds would be right for you based on looks alone.

Always be sure to speak with any breeder you are thinking of buying from. They can give you a better idea of how stable that cat is likely to be. They can also give you an idea of genetic issues that might have come from the kitten’s parents and heritage.

Popular white cat breeds

Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats

The first list on our group of the best white cat breeds would be the Siamese. Siamese cats are very fun to be around, and they can be very common when thinking about the most famous white cat breeds. They are noted for that striking and immediately attentive all-white coat which can really stand out in the right place.

They are always born white, but please note that some Siamese cats will develop a different color as they age. So, if you want a white cat breed that is not going to change, you might want to look elsewhere.

Siberian Cats

Siberian Cats

If you want a classic white cat breed then you should look into the famous Siberian Cat. These are very popular and have thick, luscious coats that look absolutely fantastic. They are adventurous, exciting, and more than capable of enjoying an adventure with you.

Most Siberians do not mind going on walks, too, so if you want a pet that will come with you then you should look at this. Unlike other white cat breeds, they tend to love a little walk and some adventure so your Siberian could become your companion on trips.

American Shorthair

The humble American Shorthair is growing in popularity with regard to white cat breeds. They are purebred cats that have some very easy-to-love personality traits. They tend to be quite friendly, they are highly unlikely to cause mischief, and they tend to be excellent to spend time with around the family. They are quite independently minded, too, so you should not be worried about leaving an American Shorthair on its own.

Typically, they are great cats to have around the place and can be very fun to get to know due to their sociable, affable nature.

British Shorthair

Similar to the above but still different in their own way. The British Shorthair is a popular choice of cat for anyone who is looking for a chunky-bodied little cat. They have surprisingly wide heads, too, so they look quite stocky and strong compared to others.

However, they are not aggressive by any means and they make wonderful family pets. They are intelligent and capable of learning with ease, so you could probably teach your white British Shorthair a few interesting tricks. With a little patience, they could become your ideal pet to have at home.

Scottish Fold


As one of the white cat breeds growing in popularity, the Scottish Fold is fast becoming the go-to choice for many. However, please note that these cats are extremely calm and relaxed, so they prefer a house that is quiet and tranquil compared to a busy and chaotic lifestyle.

They are also very specific when it comes to their diet. You might need to work with whoever you get the cat from to make sure you are giving the Scottish Fold the food that it needs. Otherwise, you could run into some health issues.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

A growing number of cat owners will go for this particular white cat breed. They are well-liked by many as they have a short coat which can be easier to manage than some of the alternatives out there. However, they tend to be very social so if you are not home a lot then do not get a Devon Rex.

They need lots of time with you to build up that meaningful bond, so please make sure you can give up the time needed. If you have young children, though, this is easily among the most suitable breeds to bring home.

Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cats

The Himalayan is a popular white cat breed that has become very popular and friendly. They are stunning to look at and tend to carry that blue-eyed, white-coated look we spoke about above. However, this does mean they have a higher chance of being deaf, so please keep that in mind as you try and work out how you would care for your Himalayan.

They are very adaptable and intelligent so if you live in a house that has a lot of change going on then this is a good cat to have around the place. For many, they are the steadying, calming influence they need.

Persian Cats

Persian Cats

One of the most popular white cat breeds would be the Persian cat. These are typically all-white and they tend to be quite long-coated. So, you should be prepared for dealing with a white cat that has quite a lot of extra maintenance needs.

In terms of personality, the Persian is often a very friendly and calm cat. They do like to have a more tranquil home life, though, so if you live in a rapid household with lots of traffic then a Persian might not be suited to you. Get used to daily brushing, too, or you will regret it!

Turkish Angora


The Turkish Angora is becoming very popular with people who are looking for a classic breed of white cat. They are noted for having a booming personality and a very energetic, enterprising style. However, they are blessed (or cursed) with a very thick coat and this means that you need to get used to lots of regular grooming.

This will help to keep the coat in the right condition. However, please also note that not every Turkish Angora is going to be white, so you might need to search around.

Maine Coon


Reaching the end of our list, the Maine Coon is a hugely popular large cat breed. They are known for their white coats, though again not every Maine Coon is white-coated. They are going to need lots of grooming, but if you commit to this you could be looking at a cat with a very enjoyable contribution to your life at home.

They make wonderful family cats as they are playful, charming, and very easy to spend time around for children and parents alike. An excellent choice for anyone looking for a feline friend to have around the place.


ragdoll cat

The last cat to make our list of the best white cat breeds would be the Ragdoll. They are usually printed, but white Ragdolls are a rare if wonderful occurrence. They rank among the best cats in the world for temperament, mood, and overall personality. They also tend to be quite low maintenance despite having the need for regular grooming.

The Ragdoll is a great family cat as they tend to just want to relax, spend time with their family, and enjoy a sedate life experience. Definitely a cat breed we recommend most people look to for inspiration.

Which white cat breed is right for you?

Be sure to look at the details above and you should find it a touch easier to pick out a breed of white cat that you can have fun with. The above breeds are all regarded as having wonderful coats, too. While this might mean a bit more time involved in cleaning up after them, the beauty and grandeur they bring to the table should make up for that extra care being needed. So, which breed excites you most?