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12 Types of Parrots to Keep as Pets (With Pictures)

If you love the idea of having a pet parrot, then there are many options out there for you to choose from. The idea of having a pet that can talk back to you is obviously a bit of a dream for some people. Pets with personality make awesome add-ons to any household, and if you want to enjoy having some animals around the place then a parrot would make a pretty tremendous choice. The only problem you might have when taking on one of the many parrots that you can have as a pet is choosing what you actually want!

You see, parrots arrive in many types and styles. You do not just get ‘a’ parrot or ‘the’ parrot, there are many alternatives. This means that if you want to bring a parrot home with you then you need to know what kind of parrot you desire. To help you make a choice, we have put together an easy-to-follow plan of the best types of parrots to keep as pets.

These are, in our view, the ideal breeds to think about if having a pet parrot is your goal.

Keeping a parrot as a pet

Before we go any further, though, we want to look a bit closer at what you might have to deal with having a pet parrot. The parrot is a wonderful creature, for sure. They are historically seen as humorous, intelligent, and typically charismatic birds. They make great pets for many as they can be quite low maintenance, they can be great for humor, and you can form a genuine bond with a parrot.

That being said, having a parrot at home is not some super simple thing. They are not easy pets to look after if you are not used to them. And with well north of 300 different parrot breeds out there, you have much to think about and focus on. We will try and give you a better idea of what you are getting yourself into below.

The term parrot, though, is actually quite a vague and non-descript term. There are incredible differences from one breed to the next. It would be like calling an Alsatian and a Rottweiler the same thing; they absolutely are not!

So, the thing to remember about keeping a parrot at home is that there is not a one size fits all nature to the parrot. They are very specific and particular creatures, and with that in mind, they can be quite hard to learn about. The best thing that you can do if you are serious about parrot ownership is to look closely into each breed. The more that you can learn about them, the better.

Also, keep in mind too that most parrots are going to be very charismatic and personable. They tend to be very particular creatures in that they act in a very specific and particular way. They also tend to be quite awkward to get used to at first as their dietary needs and the time commitment required can be tough.

Most assume that simply by buying a parrot they will have it singing sea shanties and telling wisecracks within a week. This is the same as assuming that you can buy a dog and have it doing cartwheels and jumping through hoops within that same week. No, it takes a lot of time, patience, and, yes, frustration. If you are serious about having a parrot as a home pet, do not assume that he or she will be doing everything you want right away.

You need to earn their trust, and you need to make sure that you build a rapport. If you spend less than an hour per day in the company of your parrot, where is the bond that gets them quoting you going to come from?

The best thing to do when you have a parrot at home is to realize they take time, effort, and patience to get to grips with. They are not easy pets to manage or to have around the place.

Once you understand that, though, a parrot becomes a far less challenging pet to have around the place. If you want to bring one into your life, then you have to be prepared for a bit of a challenge. What should you do, then? Should you go ahead and order a parrot from your local pet store?

Before you do, consider the following breeds as ideal starting places.

The best types of parrots to keep as pets



The first on our list of birds might be the most hilarious – the Macaw. Famed for their rich red, blue, and/or gold feathers, these are large birds that can be very much fun to have around the place. With a lifespan that can reach as long as 50 years, too, your humble Macaw could be part of the family from your children being born until they have grandkids of their own!

Macaw birds are VERY noisy, though, so do not expect to keep one in a sedate and quiet household. They also need lots of time and attention, so they make good birds if you work from home. Less suitable for those who travel, spend lots of time out of the house, and/or live alone.

You might also only want a Macaw if you live in a detached home, as they have a tendency to irritate your neighbors.



Next on our list of awesome pet parrot options would be the Cockatiel. He is actually the smallest on this entire list; these dainty little birds make amazing pets to have around the place. They are hugely popular and tend to be easy to get along with. They also have very long lifespans of around 25 years, so you can have lots of fun and time bonding with this little wonder.

They are easy to look out for and they bond with just about anyone, making them a great first-time choice of parrot if you are anxious about bird ownership. They are very easy to enjoy spending time with, but get used to looking at their little crest. This shows you their general emotional state, making it easy to know when to spend time with one another and when to leave them to their own devices.



Another common and well-known choice of parrot would be the parakeet. They are known for being quite curious birds, a fitting personality that pairs up with the usual confident demeanor of other parrot birds. They are also quite small, so you need to make sure they feel welcome and safe at home. They are top-class animals to have around the place if you can give them space to explore.

Have them sitting in a little cage all day, though, and a parakeet will son become very unhappy. They need exploration, and social interaction and they tend to be at their best if you can keep them with another parakeet. This makes them happier, generally easier to control, and more satisfying to have around the place in general. If you can commit the time and the exploration space paired with the social aspect other birds bring, consider a parakeet.

Eclectus Parrot

eclectus parrot

Famed for their gorgeous jade color, this breed of parrot is a wonderful companion to have at home. They are of a fair size and can live for over 25 years, making them good companions through adult life. The male Eclectus is a jade green color, with small hints of red and blue around their bodies. The females, though, are of bright red color with small accents of blue and black.

So, if you want to get a parrot that has a very vibrant and engaging color scheme this is as good a breed as any to add to your list. They are fun, they are engaging, and they tend to be quite low maintenance. If your main aim for a parrot is to have a long-term companion who really adds striking color to your bird collection, then this is a breed of parrot worth considering.

Conure Parrot

golden conure parrot

Another popular breed of parrot to add to our list would be the famous Conure parrot. They are loved by bird lovers alike because they are a fair size and they love to be active and engaging. Spend time around one of these and you will soon see why so many choose them as their starting point.

One word of caution, though; the Conure is a very loud parrot breed. They have no problem at all in letting you, the whole household, and probably your neighbors know how they are feeling – good or bad. They are often quite enjoyable for those who like birds with a rich chromatic look. Instead of the usual parrot colors, the Conure can be a rich shade of yellow or orange. They are bright, endearing, friendly, and exactly the kind of pet that most people would be looking for in a parrot.

Senegalese Parrot

senegal parrot

The Senegal Parrot is a fantastic choice if you want a bird that has a very rich and vibrant color. They are typically bright green in their color scheme, making them very standout compared to more muted options on this list. They are, though, not very noisy and do not have a nasty habit of screeching quite loudly when they are both happy and/or sad compared to other breeds.

That makes them a great choice if you are looking for a small to medium-sized parrot in a quieter home. They are among the most sedate breeds of parrot, so they should not be a cause of disharmony and/or annoyance for those in your neighborhood.

Senegal Parrots are a fine choice and they tend to have small space needs. For those with limited space and time who want a parrot as a pet, this is among the best options out there.

Caique Parrot

Caique Parrot

These interesting and wise-looking parrots are known for being good parrots to have at home. They are not the best flyers in the world, but are able to hop and jump around the place with relative ease. They are not the best parrot in the world for chatter, either, so if you want a parrot that will be singing songs this is not one for you.

They are great for those who have kids at home as they are quite low maintenance, they are less adventurous, and they are generally quite tranquil. This makes them ideal if you want a parrot that will simply sit at peace and not go wandering about the house to cause chaos.

They are great fun for those who want a parrot that can pick up tricks, listens well, and can be very sociable with the kids and/or other pet birds you have.

Ring-Neck Parakeet

Ring-Neck Parakeet

This is a very particular form of parrot and not one that you will see too often. They are known for their rich and endearing hues of color, typically a rich blue. They also have a little ringneck that runs around their neckline, hence the name. If your main aim for having a parrot is to have an energizing and friendly addition to the household, then this more than live up to your aims and expectations.

They are great fun, they are easy to get along with, and they tend to be ideal choices for a family pet that does not cause too much drama. They love to talk and they can be taught human language with relative ease, so they are great at making sure you know what they want. Just make sure you don’t teach them anything you don’t want them to know, though!



These beautiful little parrots make one of the best choices for a pet to have at home. They are among the smallest breed of parrot, making them easier to keep in a smaller enclosure. Compared to other parrots on this list, parrotlet birds are very easy to manage and have lower demands in terms of time, space, and diet.

They do need attention, though, despite being less attention-seeking than other breeds of parrot that have made the list. They are fun to be around, but if you can give them lots of attention they become amazing friends and pets. If you have struggled with time then you should look to get a partner Parrotlet, as they can soon form a happy and positive bond with one another. They are great pets to have around the place in general, though, due to their less demanding size.


lovebird parrot

If you want a classic parrot type then the good old lovebird is a fine choice. They form a rich and lasting bond with their partner bird, and this means you need to keep them together for optimal happiness. While you could separate a pair of lovebirds, that would be pretty cruel. If you can manage to have both pairs, your birds will be all the happier for it. While this is a bit of a legend – no, they will not die or become depressed when separated – it always helps to keep this in mind.

These are among the smallest types of parrots out there, but they make great pets to have around the place. They also tend to be very easy to tell them apart from one another due to their tail feather length. For a parrot that is easy-going and friendly, be sure to look into adding a lovebird to your list of potential pet parrots.



To get to the end of our list, the humble Cockatoo must get a mention. Many do not realize these birds are actually parrots. They are among the most demanding breeds of parrot that you could keep as a pet and be happy with. They become very attached to the people they live with, as well, so you need to be prepared for that side of things.

They are quite large and tend to have very intelligent minds. However, they demand attention and are prone to throwing fits and tantrums if you are not there to shower them with attention. So, keep that in mind!

African Grey Parrots

african gray parrot

The last parrot on our list, then, is also among the most popular. The African Grey is one of the most typical and famous types of parrot. They make tremendous animals to have around the place as they are intelligent and have the ability to learn words with greater ease than other birds that have made our prestigious list of awesome parrots.

They do, though, need lots of human interaction and they hate being left alone. Make sure you have a busy household if you want to keep an African Grey to avoid displeasure.

So, with all of the above parrot breeds, the next question is the simplest: which will you choose? Look closely. Each breed offers something different in terms of style, personality, and lifestyle demands. Which parrot type excites you most?