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20 Popular Poodle Mixes & Doodle Cross Breeds  

If you love the idea of owning a pet poodle, then you might be shocked at just how many poodle mixes are out there. Many assume that one poodle is simply the same as the next, but this is not often the case. If you are looking for a way to get your hand on a poodle mix, then you might want to look at some very particular breeds. For example, have you ever looked at poodle mixes and doodle crossbreeds?

Many options exist on the market if you are able to find a breeder who is local. If you really want to get your hands on a high-quality canine companion, though, this might be one of the best places that you can start. To help you make sure you make a decision that you are happy with, we highly recommend that you look at the following poodle mixes and doodle crossbreeds listed below.

What matters when choosing poodle mixes and doodle crossbreeds?

As you might already know, poodles are a French breed of dog that has become very popular globally. They are seen as cutesy, charming, small-sized dogs that are regarded as among the most intelligent in the world. This means having one around the place can be good fun, and should be a great choice for those who want athletic, engaging, and smart animals in their home.

However, one of the main reasons to go down the route of getting a dog like this would be their hypoallergenic nature. If you are someone who suffers from allergens due to pets being present, this could be more or less what you are looking for. With a poodle mix, you are not going to be spending all day sneezing and reacting to their mere presence. Keep that in mind if you are looking for a dog that is not going to shed and leave you with a runny nose and dry eyes!

One of the main reasons that people go for poodle mixes, though, is their ability to be bred with the best attributes present. There are many things to keep in mind as you try and wrestle with the idea of owning a poodle. This should include:

·        The size – poodle mixes can come in small sizes, miniature sizes, and tiny sizes

·        The price – the rarer and more challenging the breed to create, the greater the cost

·        The lifespan – some breeds will live longer than others; will your choice live long enough?

·        The life quality – is the poodle mix you are looking at likely to have health problems?

The best poodle mixes out there



The first dog to make our list is the wonderful Schnoodle. The result of a poodle mix and a Schnauzer, these dogs can live for over a decade – even close to two – and can weigh around 75lbs. This smallish size makes them easy enough to manage. They are quite active dogs so make sure you can take the time to let your canine get to work and enjoy lots of activity.

They are, though, quite protective and loyal dogs so if you want a dog you know will protect your household and children to the best of its ability, start here.

St. Bernadoodle

Some of the poodle mixes that are on our list are hard to believe exist, and this is definitely one that fits that description. These awesome dogs are expensive and can only live for around a decade, but they make tremendous dogs.

They are watchful and endearing dogs who, while they can eat through a lot and can be as large as 30” in size, tend to be there for your children and your family. Great family dogs that love to nap during the day and then spend time with the children later in the afternoon and early evening, making them ideal first-time dogs.



While the name might make you laugh, the Cavapoo is easily among the best poodle mixes out there. They can live for 10 to 15 years and tend to be very small, weighing as little as 9lbs in some cases. If you want a properly tiny little dog that can offer ample cuteness and charm, then start here!

They do tend to need a lot of grooming relative to other poodle mixes, and they are also very small. This means their dainty nature means that you need to make sure the kids do not hurt them when they are plating around. In general, though, the Cavapoo is among the best poodle mixes out there.


Again, stop laughing at the name!

This mixture of a Jack Russell and a poodle mix can be quite an interesting little choice. They need lots of mental and physical stimulus, but if you give them that you can enjoy having a cute wee dog that loves to spend its day just having fun and relaxing.

However, please note that they can be quite stubborn at first so you might need to invest in some training. Their intellect, though, ensures they learn quickly.


This is quite a rare choice, but breeding a boxer with a poodle can make a very endearing dog. These tend to only live for around a decade, but they can hit around 70lbs in their weight and thus can be quite powerful dogs to have around the place.

They are good child-friendly dogs but they are quite powerful and do not know their own strength. So, they might be more suited to a family with slightly older children than toddlers. They can be sensitive and caring friends, but they do not take criticism well so look to reinforce good habits with positivity over discipline for negative acts.


The mixture of a New Foundland with a poodle is an odd one, and will easily be among the largest poodle mixes on this list. They can reach as large as 32” in size and can be up to 150lbs in weight, so the Newfypoo is not a dog to be trifled with.

They are, though, docile and friendly big dogs who like to be around others and know their own power limits. Sadly, you are lucky if this dog reaches a decade in life, making them among the less likely poodle mixes to be around for a long time.


Blending together the wonderful Border Collie with a poodle can produce some stellar results. These awesome little dogs tend to be very popular for anyone who wants a small-ish dog (though they can exceed 20” in size). Capable of hitting around 15 years in lifespan, they are a tremendous dog for those who want a dog that can be taught, that will listen to what it is told to do, and will be capable of pleasing you.

They do love to please, though, which can lead to overzealous approaches. Overall, though, they make tremendous dogs to have around the place.


This is a very rare blend, the mixture of a Siberian Husky with a poodle. You will pay through the nose for one of these, but they are very popular with good reason. Capable of lasting for up fifteen years and reaching around 60lbs in size, these are large-ish dogs that can be very fun to spend time around.

They are highly tolerant of all attitudes and strangers, and they can be easily trained to be calm when otherwise they would not be. They are demanding, though, and have a high prey instinct, making them unsuitable for newbies.


Mixing together a poodle with a beagle could seem like a fair blend, and this poodle mix is the result. They can reach around 25lbs in weight, so they are quite small. They are, though, great around children and can also make a smart companion if you have young kids. They also tend to be quite noisy, though, which can make them good watchdogs but an irritant for your neighbors.

Fine dogs overall, though, with masterful intellect and no problem at all in keeping what you train them in mind.



For many, the most common poodle mixes include the Labradoodle. This includes taking a gorgeous Labrador Retriever and pairing it with a poodle. The end result is a highly exciting little dog that can live for over 15 years and can be very playful. If you have young children then a dog like this can be just what they need to help them stay satisfied all day.

They need a lot of exercise and mental stimulus, though, so make sure that you can give this amazing little dog the time and effort that it needs.

Golden Noodle

The Golden Noodle, the result of a poodle mix with a Golden Retriever, is a truly special breed of dog. They can be somewhat expensive and tend to only live for 15 years max, but they are among the smartest dogs around. They can be easily trained, and they are sociable, friendly, and likely to endear themselves to your children without much effort.

They are great for those with other dogs, too, as their intelligent and mature nature means they are not really likely to lash out or get jealous at other dogs being present.


The rottle has become one of the most popular poodle mixes, a mixture between a rottweiler and the poodle. It can live for up to fifteen years and can reach as much as 90lbs in weight. So they are little powerhouses, but they also tend to be easy to care for due to low grooming requirements and generally affable and loving nature.

They are very confident, though, so make sure you do things that boost self-belief as opposed to trying to whittle this away with discipline. They also need regular training from early on to avoid being aggressive with strangers.


A happy blend between the Cairn Terrier and a poodle, this is a very interesting-looking little dog. They can reach as much as sixteen years in age but tend to only weigh around 20lbs. They can be quite clownish and do not mind messing around, which makes them ideal for children. However, they are very small and thus can react if they feel like their size is being used against them.

They need a lot of regular grooming sessions, but aside from this they make wonderful pets. Ideal for people who want a proper at-home companion.


The mixture of a German Shepherd and poodle can seem like an odd mix, and to many it is. They are, though, tremendous dogs to have around the place. Capable of reaching 15 years in age, they are also reaching around 90lbs in their upper weight level. Hugely intelligent dogs, though, these can be taught just about anything and can be ideal around children.

Like most German Shepherd breeds, though, regular training and interaction are needed. They must be given enough space to roam, too, as they are not dogs that are going to be happy just sitting around at home.


Mixing together a Great Pyrenees dog with a poodle can produce this unique mix of canines. Capable of lasting for over a decade, they are laidback and happy dogs who only spring into action when they feel it is needed. Given they can exceed 30” in size and around 100lbs in weight, though, they are not exactly going to be an easy dog to stop if they feel threatened.

They are ideal for most children due to their laidback nature, but you should make sure you keep an eye on them. These dogs love to wander off on adventures!



The hilarious-looking mix of a poodle and an Old English Sheepdog is like having a big bag of noodles running around with a tail. They make tremendous dogs and can be around you for over a decade. They can weigh up to 100lbs, though, so do not assume this is a small little dog that will simply sit at peace.

They are excellent athletes and this makes them ideal dogs for having around the kids. They can handle the intensity of play with the children. They do, though, need lots of grooming and enjoy a pretty hefty diet.


The mix of a Bichon Frise with a poodle can be an odd one, but nobody could say that they are not absolutely adorable. This breed is very popular with those who want smaller dogs that reach around 15” in size. They are very attentive but they are quite active, so do not get one of these poodle mixes if you cannot commit enough time to their large attention needs.

They are quite emotionally driven, too, and tend to feed off the emotions of the people in their life. Generally, though, aside from grooming regularly, they make great pets.



Hilarious name aside, the Cockapoo is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a poodle mix. They should live for around 15 years and can be around 25lbs in weight. They make good dogs for those who want an even-keeled dog that is going to be easy to train and to get respect from.

Their primary emotions are ones of love and kindness, and they are pretty smart dogs. So you should not have to worry about the Cockapoo becoming a headache around the house. They are a good choice for first-time dog owners, especially those new to poodle mixes.



The mix of a Pomeranian and a poodle can make a very entitled and stubborn dog, but it can also be an amazing friend. Capable of living for up to 15 years, these small-sized poodle mixes are ideal if you want a friendly and cheery dog. They can be stubborn blighters for sure, but they tend to be great for those who want an active dog with plenty of energy.

They are great for those who are looking for dogs that can take part in sports, as they are easily taught and love the athletic challenge.

Great Danoodle

Lastly, the blend of Great Dane with poodle can produce this fascinating. Capable of hitting 30” in size and hitting over 100lbs in weight, they are big dogs. Sadly, they are less likely to reach the decade mark in lifespan, but they are ideal dogs for those who want something intelligent, mature, and always alert.

This particular breed of dog might not be with you for as long as others, but they make tremendous guard dogs and also are great around children. They exhibit a calm and relaxing nature that makes them very easy to love. Early socialization in their life is vital to making sure they get used to managing how they throw their weight around.

Choosing your poodle mix

With the above breeds, you can hopefully now appreciate why so many go down the route of choosing these poodle mixes. They are great dogs to have around the place and make tremendous starting places for those looking for an endearing canine. So, which breed interests you most overall?