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6 Brown Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

For anyone thinking about getting a classic house pet, one option that might pop up for you is the brown cat. Brown cats are very common today, and they come in all shapes and sizes for you to think about. If you want to get a home pet that you know should fit in with most household environments, then the humble brown cat can be quite a vote-winner. However, as you might have found to your frustration, finding an all-brown cat can be quite tough!

Brown cats, or at least entirely brown cats, are quite rare. The most common breed of cat to fit this profile would be the Havana Brown, but even then. Most of these cats tend to have some form of stripes or some form of varied coloration throughout their fur. As such, finding a cat which is all brown, pure brown, can be more work than you might have first assumed.

Most solid colored cats are going to either a solid black or a solid white color – all-brown cats are typically a rare thing. However, if you are insistent that this is the kind of cat that you would like, then you can find some great all-brown cat breeds out there. We will give you a list of the best brown cat breeds that you could look into.

Keep in mind, though, that even some of these breeds will not be all-brown – they are simply breeds which have more likelihood of being brown. Sadly, finding a cat that perfectly matches up with what you are looking for might be an exercise in luck.

The best brown cat breeds you should look into today


burmese brown cat

The first place many will look to when they want to get a brown cat is to take a look at a Burmese cat breed. These are quite popular breeds of cats for various reasons, but they are most often colored brown. So, if you want a cat that is likely to be all-brown, start here!

They are a good choice for many as they live for a long time, from around 16 to 18 years of age. So, this means that you get many years of time together and thus can have that bond that we all want to have with our pets. At the same time, they are friendly and loyal cats who make it very easy to spend time with them. They can be fun for families to have around the place, and if they arrive as kittens then they should have no problem at all with settling into your household.

At the same time, though, a Burmese cat can find an easy way to spend time on its own – unlike other cat breeds, it will not want to be part of everything that you do. For a family-friendly cat that you can still have some fun with, Burmese cats make a lot of sense.


persian cat

Out of all of the different breeds of brown cats out there, the Persian cat is one of the most popular by far. They are hilariously sweet little cats and tend to be quite good at keeping to themselves. This explains why the longer lifespan of this breed can reach as much as eighteen years of age. They can become relatively large, too, reaching around 14” to 18” in size over the course of its lifespan.

They are endearing little cats – quiet, but not boring. Reserved, but not shy. The main issue with Persian cats is they require lots of daily grooming and breeding to keep them happy. They also tend to be somewhat harder to find in pure brown than other cats on the list. However, they are probably among the most well-known and recognized breeds of brown cats out there today.

For that reason, you might find that having one of these cats in your life can still be lots of fun. They love to be around their owners, but they tend to be quite timid around people they do not know. Once settled in at home, though, Persian cats can be bundles of fun overall.

Devon Rex

devon rex

The Devon Rex brown cat might look a bit more like a fox to some, but they are very much feline in nature. These are cute little cats that can live for around nine years on average, but well-cared for ones could be living for as long as fifteen years. At the same time, they are very sociable cats so if you want a pet that is not going to be too solitary this could be a good place to begin your search.

They get to around 15” to 18” in size, so they are not small but they are not large either. A happy medium, really. They are a good choice for those who want a cat that is quite easy to spend time with, though they can be more attention-seeking than, say, a Burmese. They are generally nice cats to spend time with and they are intelligent, alert, and engaging – for kids, this makes them a very good friend to have around the place.

While by no means perfect, Devon Rex cats make a good choice for those who want a brown cat they can actually find in pet shops.

British Shorthair

british shorthair cat

An option for those who want to find an all brown cat would be to look at something like the classic British Shorthair. These are very good cats, albeit they have a shorter lifespan of around 8 to 10 years. At around 12” to 14”, too, they are not exactly large cats. This can make them easier to care for and look after for the average person, though.

If you are someone who wants a pet that is intelligent and can handle life itself, then this is a good breed. They are easygoing and low maintenance compared to other breeds out there. Unlike other cats, they are also quite playful and friendly. If you can find one of these in an all-brown shade it could be the best choice for those who want a cat that will cuddle as opposed to claw furniture.

They can be somewhat challenging to look after due to some health issues over the duration of their lifespan, but they are still very much capable of being looked after. Out of every cat on the list, they might be the most satisfying for those who just want a low maintenance, relaxing pet experience overall.

Havana Brown

havana brown cat

The next on our list would be the already mentioned Havana Brown cat. These cats are very popular with most people because they offer a long lifespan (up to 15 years) and they tend to be very friendly overall. We like this breed because they are quite affectionate, too, making them good to have around the place if you have children at home.

The brown cat race you are in the middle of might find that the fair size of a Havana works in its favor, too. At around 12-15” in size they are small but they are not going to be too small. You could still have a fair size of a cat with something around this size, so it is not impossible to find a cat that you are happy with. In terms of sheer size alone, though, the Havana Brown is never going to be the biggest breed of brown cat in the world.

For a nice balance between large but not too large, though, this is a pretty good place to start. However, they can tend to be quite rare, so be sure to expect to pay a little bit more for this all-purpose feline.

York Chocolate

Finally, if you want to find a quality brown cat that is easy to live with, look at a York Chocolate. Despite being among the smallest on the list with a maximum size of around 10”, they are great cats to have around the house. They are loyal to the family, though they do tend to be quite adventurous. This can lead to their curiosity being a problem, as they try things and attempt to make jumps that other cats simply would ignore.

This can play a role in their lifespans, which max out at around fifteen years but average out at around thirteen. They are daring and exciting, and unlike other cat breeds, they are a fan of water. So, you might find your cat deciding to sit in the bath or the sink and get a little wash. Most other cats hate water, so this is an intriguing quirk that can make grooming a little bit less frustrating.

York Chocolate cats tend to be a little bit wary of new people, but once it gets to know you they should have no problems settling in and showcasing their personality. That curiosity, then, is a big reason why so many people tend to turn to this breed. So long as you give your York time to settle in, they would make a great choice of brown cat.

So, which of the above different breeds of brown cat could you see yourself going for today?