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6 Fascinating Facts About Black Cats

As one of the most interesting animals out there, the black cat is something many of us associate with spookiness. From horror movies to the prominent role they play in the hit movie series The Matrix, most of us know and appreciate black cats. However, if you are someone who is not typically spending time around a black cat, you might not be aware of just how interesting they are.

While they might seem like non-caring animals that just kind of hang around the place, the black cat is much more than this. To help you make sure you are getting the most out of your time spent with such a creature, then, these basic facts listed can help you see just how special they are.

The black cat is a cat type that has become synonymous with so many different cultures. Some see them as harbingers of doom; others see them as incredibly good luck. Regardless of where you happen to fall in this discussion, though, there are some intriguing facts about a black cat that you might find quite interesting to learn about.

So, what are some of the most interesting facts that you could find out regarding the black cat?

The most interesting facts about black cats

The black cat itself is not a breed

So, the most interesting thing to note about the term black cat is that it is not technically correct. While we will continue to use the term black cat for the rest of this article, there is no such breed as a black cat. There are 20+ different recognised breeds of cats that happen to be black in terms of their fur colour. The most common is arguably the Bombay cat, though it does depend on where you happen to be living in the world.

The black cat, then, is not really a correct term. It is not a cat breed or a type; it is simply a colour of various different cat breeds. Indeed, some black cats are blacker than others; some have black whiskers, too, which is quite rare.

The famous ‘black cat’ breed is something, then, that is not technically a thing. Many of us say that we want a black cat, but say that to a pet shop owner and they will be quite perplexed. Instead, you need to know the breed of black cat you want!

Black cats are actually considered good luck

For many, black cats are a sign of poor luck. This has become a typical trope around kitty cats, but it is not something that actually carries any factual basis. Indeed, the vast majority of black cats are actually seen as a symbol of good luck.

Go back in history and you can see why, too. They used to be brought aboard sailing ships to be brought along as good luck. At the same time, their ability to hunt down mice makes them useful for avoiding resources being wasted, disease being spread etc.

So, the black cat was seen as a good luck symbol for many a sailor. While some might have chosen to go down the route of bringing a black cat for practical reasons, their ‘good luck’ charm began to become commonly seen by cats. Indeed, some cats became career travellers – the UK Royal Navy, for example, was famous for having its Tiddles cat, who was a black cat that traveled over 30,000 miles on various Royal Navy ships.

So, while many of us see the black cat as something to be scared of or to fear, that is simply not the case if you go back in the history books.

Black cats have a long history in film

You might not be surprised to note, but the black cat is a common animal type to be seen in the movie industry. Their popularity stems from the fact that they fit so well with so many themes. For example, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was famous for the cat Salem, who was a major part of the show and its history. Hocus Pocus also had Binx within the story, who was a key part of the storyline as well.

As mentioned before, too, the black cat being present in The Matrix is seen as a big part of the story. This implies that there has been a glitch in the Matrix itself i.e. something has been changed by the operators, usually to the detriment of the good guys.

Other famous black cat movie stars include the likes of Pepper, the Maltese cat who was born under the flooring of Keystone Studios. In the middle of a scene, she came up through the floorboards and ended up becoming a start of the Keystone Studios and their future as one of the most revered developers around of the era.

Black cats can retain ‘rusty’ fur colours

You might see your black cat and think that it must have been playing in the mud due to the brown streaks in its fur. However, this is not a sign that your cat has been outside playing too much; instead, it is a sign that your cat could have a nutritional deficiency.

When a cats fur is exposed to plenty of sunlight (especially if it shares some genetics with a tabby cat) then the fur can become this somewhat rusty brown colour. This can be seen in certain parts of the fur, in streaks, in spots, or all across the fur.

If you spot a black cat with this, you should get them checked out. While it is often a simple change in the colour of their fur, it can also be a sign of something more serious like a nutritional breakout within their diet. You might find that a cat that is a rusty colour might need some help to get it back to living a proper life.

However, for the most part, this is more akin to your black cat getting some kind of tan from the sun!

Most of the superstitions are nonsense

There are many reasons why black cats are often associated with the occult. Many of the reasons, though, are absolute hogwash. For example, cats were often taken in by older women who had no other communication or social contact. Cats would be cared for by these women and as more cats would appear for similar treatment, olden-times people would see them as potential witches.

As witch hunts became a more common thing, the angry crowds started to look for people to accuse of such activities. The black cat became a sign of a witch as their dark nature meant they could easily glide around in the dark with less chance of being seen. To the maniacs who used to hunt witches, this was seen as further proof of their evil intent!

Many of the superstitions essentially revolve around giving people a reason to go and burn down houses and people whom they did not trust. While we have long since moved on from such stupidly barbaric movements in the modern world, it has left a lasting impact on how many people – even modern individuals – tend to view black cats.

Black cats have unique eyes

One of the main things that can stand out about a cat is its eye colour. The colour of the eyes of a cat is a common discussion point. Many people see a cat with these striking amber eyes and, combined with the above point, see it as something evil. However, it is nothing of the sort; it is simply a natural creation of their eye pigments.

The reason is that any black cat can have a huge amount of melanin in its system. This makes their coat that strong black colour, but it also plays a role in turning their eyes to this rich amber shade. Given how rarely we see a human with an eye colour like this, it is easy to assume that it is caused by something unsettling. However, it is simply a by-product of the huge amounts of melanin that a cat can produce in their bodies.

Far from being some kind of occult symbol, then, the amber eyes of a black cat simply come from their melanin production. This high melanin level also plays a pretty telling role in their coats remaining that thick, strong, and instantly recognisable black colour.

Ready to get a black cat?

With so many interesting stories and facts about the black cat, you can see why so many people love them. To help you make the right choice, then, we highly recommend that you invest some time and some effort into getting a black cat.

These make amazing pets for the right person. As you can see, there is more to these animals than might initially meet the eye. Spend some time in their company, though, and you can soon see why so many people take black cats into their life. Would you consider getting one?