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Awesome Dog Names That Stand Out From The Pack

As the owner of a dog, the first thing that you want to do is you want to find your dog an awesome name. Whether this is a male or a female, choosing a dog name that you will be happy with is very important. More importantly, though, is choosing a name that they will be happy with. If you are struggling to come up with the best dog names, then you should take a look at this simple guide.

We will break down the most popular male and female dog names. We will also give you some useful ideas when it comes to choosing your own name.

Put these simple ideas together and it should be much easier in general for you to find a name that your pooch is going to be happy with. The challenge you will face is coming up with a name that you know is going to be a good fit for your dog.

Sometimes, though, the simple options are the best. If you are looking for the best dog names for males and females, this guide should hopefully help you to find some inspiration.

The best dog names for male dogs

If you are looking to bring up a boy dog, then you naturally want to choose a name that feels like a natural fit for a male dog. The most common dog names for a boy, then, tend to include names such as:

  1. Bailey
  2. Buddy
  3. Buster
  4. Casper
  5. Charlie
  6. Cody
  7. Danny
  8. Duke
  9. Dylan
  10. Harley
  11. Hector
  12. Jackie
  13. Jake
  14. Lucky
  15. Max
  16. Mikey
  17. Murphy
  18. Oscar
  19. Rex
  20. Sam
  21. Sam
  22. Samuel
  23. Teddy
  24. Toby
  25. Tucker

If you are lost for ideas then you should probably look to find one of the above dog names as your ideal starting place. While other factors will surely come to mind when choosing the name of your dog, the above male dog names make a fine place to start. They might not be suited to your own dog, but if that is the case then you can use our easy to follow guide below to come up with some better ideas for names.

The best dog names for female dogs

Of course, a female dog is unlikely to follow along with the same naming conventions as the male dog breeds out there. Your female dog should be given a female name where possible, so you should definitely try and think of some of the most popular female dog names. If you need a hand in making a choice that you can be happy with, then you should definitely take a look at the following list of female dog names:

1.      Abby
2.      Angel
3.      Angel
4.      Anna
5.      Annie
6.      Bailey
7.      Chloe
8.      Coco
9.      Daisy
10.   Emma
11.   Estelle
12.   Ginger
13.   Grace
14.   Lola
15.   Lucie
16.   Lucille
17.   Molly
18.   Princess
19.   Priscilla
20.   Rose
21.   Ruby
22.   Sadie
23.   Sophie
24.   Stella
25.   Zoe

These names should make up a fine part of your selection process. Every dog is different, though, and you try to keep that in mind as you make the choice on the best dog names for your female canine. You should always look to try and match up with their personality, though. Sometimes the name for a dog just feels obvious because of the way they act or how they look.

Tips for choosing the ideal dog name

Of course, if you still need a hand in choosing the best dog names then you should use the following tips. These tips should go a pretty long way to making sure you can come up with a more informed decision regarding the name of your dog today.

Take the time to look at the following tips, and you should definitely find it easier to get a name for your pooch that feels like an accurate reflection of their own personality. These simple tips should make sure that you come up with a dog name that feels like a natural, effective choice for the canine you have chosen.

Stick to something small

Your dog is not going to be want to be called something like Reginald Van Woofer. You should be looking for something that has one to two syllables. This gives your dog a much easier time of understanding that you are calling on them and that you want their attention.

Small names work better for dogs as they are just likely to hear that name being shouted. You should definitely want something short and simple, too, so the whole family (and your neighbours) learn the name.

Choose something that sounds like a name

For some reason, dog owners choose odd names for their canines that can become confusing. For example, we know of at least one dog owner who called their canine Fetch!

Can you imagine how confusing that would be for a dog? You should be looking to call your dog something that feels like an actual name. Choosing a name that sounds like a command or an assertion – stay away from Mo, for example, as it sounds too like ‘no’ for a dog to decipher properly. This is something that you should think about closely as it can have a major impact on the way your dog learns its own name.

Avoid humour in a dog name

It might be funny to call your dog something humorous, to begin with. Do you really want to be running around the street shouting for your dog with a novelty name, though?

You should instead look to choose a dog name that feels like a natural fit for the dog that you are dealing with. Choosing a name that might be funny on day one might seem hilarious; when you are running around shouting on Sir Farts to come home, though, you will feel embarrassed enough for both of you!

Make sure it fits the personality

Some people will call a dog without any spots the name Spot. They might call a large dog Tiny. Try and find a name that feels like a good choice for that particular dog, though. For example, a dog that spends much of its time out in the open plains chasing rabbits and hares could suit the name Hunter.

You want to find a name that feels like a reflection not of who the dog is, but what they act like and what they do. So, think of names that feel like a natural suitable choice for the dog based on their actions and personality.

Think about the longevity factor

You are calling your dog a name, so that will be their name moving forward. As such you should really focus on finding a dog name that feels like a natural choice for that particular canine. This means focusing on a dog name that feels like a good choice both as a puppy and as an adult.

Therefore you should not look to call them something like Puppy, because one day they are going to grow out of that phase. Think before deciding.

Choose something that is distinct

You should always focus on choosing a dog name that feels like it is a distinctive and clear name. Calling your pet a name that feels like an object as opposed to an animal can lead to a sense of confusion for neighbours and the like.

Dogs love to explore, and sometimes you will need to get a bit of a neighbourhood chase involved to find your pet. Think about that; you need a name that is going to be obvious to your dog when more than one person is calling the particular name out to bring them home.

Choose a name nice and early

Whatever name you choose, start using that within two weeks of arrival. A dog will soon get used to hearing this and will associate that name with themselves. They need a name that they can easily stick with and feel is suited to them. Dogs should therefore be given enough time to get settled, but also they should be given their name early so that they can get used to hearing their name being called out from a very young age.

Still not sure what dog name to go for?

With all of the above, we hope that you are feeling a lot more confident when it comes to choosing a name for your dog. There is much to think about and often not a huge amount of time to plan and prepare. With that in mind, you should absolutely take a look at the best dog names using the above list. Then, try to work out what name – or name similar to the above names – could be a good choice for your own pooch.

Remember, this name is going to last them a lifetime. Pick something that you know feels like a good fit for your dog, so you don’t spend years calling them Fido or Woofy!