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Breakfast Ideas for Your Dog

Breakfast Ideas for Your Dog

If you have a dog at home and you want to feed it something different for breakfast, it is easy to get creative. However, working out what your dog should have for their breakfast can be tough. Conflicting reports of what can and cannot make a good breakfast for dogs can make it easy to second guess yourself and feel uncertain. With that in mind, what are some good breakfast ideas for your dog?

The Best Breakfast Ideas for Your Dog

Best Breakfast Ideas for Your Dog


Just about every dog in the world will enjoy some eggs for their breakfast. You might find it funny serving your dog a plate of eggs, but they will really enjoy it. All you need to do is boil some eggs and chop them up for your dog.

It is easy and quick to cook and your dog will thank you for the extra thoughtfulness. Raw egg white isn’t a great thing for dogs in the long term, but as the odd breakfast treat, it can be a wonderful way to get your dog feeling better.


While sardines for breakfast would make most humans feel sick, dogs love some sardines for their breakfast. Give your dog a plate of sardines in spring water with no added extras like salt, and they will scoff it down!

The added benefit of omega-3 fatty acids can be great for your dog’s coat and overall well-being. Make sure you drain off the water, though, and serve them this as a once-per-week breakfast treat they will love.

Chicken wings

While you might wish to look for boneless chicken wings so you don’t need to watch your dog eat in case they choke, wings are a great treat for breakfast. If they have been a good boy/girl the day before you could reward them with this. Keep in mind that they are quite fatty, though, so if you are trying to keep your dogs weight down you should avoid feeding them too many chicken wings. 


It might seem funny to feed your dog a bowl of cereal, but rolled oats is something many dogs will enjoy quite happily. You might even also look at some form of wheat-based breakfast cereal, like Weetabix. This is good for most dogs and they tend to enjoy these little things from time to time, but obviously avoid using milk if your dog is lactose intolerant.


If you want to give your dog something a touch fresher to start the day, then some berries can be a good way to get started. While dogs obviously love to eat meat, they will never say no to a nice little basket of berries. This can add some extra antioxidants into their diet which can naturally be good for their long-term wellbeing. Feeding your dog a breakfast outside of the normal can be tough, but you should consider the above as good starting places for something that isn’t a plate of sausages or their usual dog food mixes.