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How To Name Your Dog Properly (With Suggestions) 

If you own a dog, especially a female, then you might find it hard to come up with some unique female dog names. Not everyone wants to call their dog by the classic names that are often associated with canines. If you want to go down the route of coming up with something a touch more creative, then you should read through this simple guide.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dog names out there. Some are unique, some are the same ones you hear in the street a hundred times over your life. If you have a female dog, you want to do everything you can to find them a place in your family. And part of that starts by finding a dog name that feels unique to that individual. So, how do you go about choosing a dog name for your canine companion that is going to feel like it actually suits who they are?

How can you choose a dog name that you will be happy with?

The main challenge with finding a unique female dog name is that you have so many inspirations out there. Some find their dog’s name comes from something that happens in life to justify that name. For example, let us say that your dog has done something that makes it immediately recognizable. One story we heard of was about a dog that had a habit of basically burying its face in the make-up of its owner. So, it became known as Coco because the dog would constantly walk into the living room with a make-up-covered face, making it look like a clown.

There are many, many ways to find an inspirational name for your dog. You really want to try and find something that can immediately inspire you. Once you find the right unique female dog name, your eyes should essentially light up in a ‘that’s it!’ moment.

Dogs are a great thing to have around the house, truly outstanding. However, you want to find a name that makes you both feel as if there is a meaningful connection. What do we mean by that, though? What are some signifiers of a good name for a dog?

Think about how you met the dog

First off, an origin name is always a good start. For example, let us say that you met your dog in a pet shop. You could choose a name based on something that is related, such as the pet shop itself or even the name of the street the pet shop is on. It is something easily identifiable, and it is going to be relatively unique to your canine.

The best and most unique female dog names tend to have some kind of story. You could even point to something like your first interaction together. Let us say that you met them underneath a Chestnut tree. Well, why not go for chestnut?

Look at their appearance

The next thing to focus on would be appearance. A dog that has a very distinctive appearance and/or trait would make a lot of sense. You could point to something like a dog that has a very distinct eye color. For example, a dog with green eyes would be Emerald or even Esmeralda. There are many ways that you can take their appearance and turn it into something that becomes easily identifiable.

Now, when people hear you calling that name, they know why. Don’t just pick a dog name because it is popular or because it is funny. Look for a name that when you hear it you think ‘yes, that’s my dog.’

What about their personality?

You might also find that there is something about your dog that immediately makes you think of a certain name. For example, let us say that your dog seems to only ever find itself choosing to sleep on certain materials. Let us say that the material is silk. Silk might not be the best name for a dog, but it again would be quite unique. Then, when people ask why your dog is called Silk, you can explain that they have a preference for silk, and you all found it quite funny.

Basically, every dog should have some kind of identifiable trait that makes you think it suits them. You should therefore always be looking for little things that can point out to you a good name for your dog.

Should I name my dog right away?

While you want your dog to get used to the idea of a name from day one, not every dog owner has a name in mind. Instead, it might be better to simply refer to them as ‘girl’ until you see them do something or notice something about them, that makes the name obvious.

Much like having a child, a name does not always come to mind instantly. Some parents take days, even weeks, to find a name for their little one that they are happy with. Others have a prechosen name regardless of anything else.

So, when you are cycling through the various options for unique female dog names, you should always think about taking your time. If you have a name that just jumps to mind from the moment you lay eyes on the dog, that’s fine. If not, though, you should not feel like you are being rushed or forced into giving your dog a name.

How, though, can you make sure that you come up with a dog name that you know your canine is likely to respond to?

Here are some examples that you might want to try and take into account.

Examples of unique female dog names

If you still need an idea of what route to go down when choosing a name for your canine, then we recommend you look into names that have a particular meaning. Here are some ideas that we have heard over the years that we thought were a good choice for some female dogs:

·        Amethyst – a gorgeous gemstone, this is a good choice of name for any young female dog that happens to shine bright. Especially useful if there are any purple hues to eyes or fur.

·        Athena – Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, so if you have a dog that happens to be pretty wise around the place and acts beyond its years then this could make sense.

·        Bonnie – Bonnie is a Scottish-inspired word that essentially stands in for ‘pretty’ – this is a good choice of name for a dog if you want to give it a name that is endearing and friendly.

·        Bonbon – Bonbons are sweet and endearing sweet treats that just about anyone can enjoy – if your dog happens to fit in with that kind of personality, then this is a great name for them!

·        Bonita – if your dog is of Spanish origin then you could find that this works pretty well. This more or less is a Spanish substitute for the above, so it makes a good alternative to Bonnie.

·        Cleo – short for Cleopatra, this is a common choice of name for dogs who are very much on the enthusiastic side of things. A good choice, too, if your dog is of Egyptian descent.

·        Dulce – this is a term in Spanish that means soothing or sweet, so it is a good choice if you have a dog who happens to have a good history of making hearts melt in mouths!

·        Didi – this is a good choice of name for a dog, too, and would make a fine choice if you are looking for something that is quite unique, easy for kids to learn, and memorable to the dog herself.

·        Isis – the ancient Egyptian goddess, who was the goddess of the moon. If you have a dog that reflects the colors of the moon, then this could be a pretty good name to start with!

·        Ishtar – This is a good choice for those who want to stick to the idea of a deity as the name of their dog. Ishtar was the Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

·        Mocha – if your dog has a chocolate hue to it then this would make a wise choice if you were looking for an easy way to have some fun with their name. Easy to remember for others, too!

·        Oreo – an especially good choice if your dog in question happens to have a very cute disposition about them. If they have a mixture of dark and white fur, too, that could make a good name!

·        Roma – If your dog happens to either hail from Italy or it has a Romani history in terms of origin, then you could find this name is a good choice as, again, it is memorable and recognizable.

These are, of course, just some very simple ideas that you could begin to think about. Can you see, though, why it might make sense to try and find a name for your dog that feels like it fits in with their personality?

Instead of just going for the generic and obvious names, look for something fitting to their personality, lifestyle, or general demeanor.