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The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need For Your New Pup

If you make the brave decision to bring a new dog into your household, you are making a big commitment. Dogs are not cheap; new puppies can be very expensive indeed. To help you get used to the idea of having a new dog around the house, though, we have put together what we believe is the ideal new puppy checklist.

Simply go through all of the questions below, and see for yourself what you need to do around your home to make it safer. The sooner you deal with all of the below, the easier it is going to be for you to get your canine to settle in as part of their new home.

The ideal checklist for new puppies

Have you bought everything you need?

The first thing to focus on as you look for things to buy your new puppies is to look at the essentials. Typically, we recommend that any new puppy owner looks to buy at least one of the following:

  • An adjustable collar to keep your new puppy safe and easily discovered; it should also be adjustable for dog growth.
  • Dog tags, so that you can easily make sure that your new puppy is going to be brought home.
  • A dog leash that has enough length that you can both walk together without being too tight.
  • A microchip (if you so choose); not everyone wants to chip their dog, but it can help out.
  • A new food and water bowl, as every new puppy needs to have their own set of bowls to use.

If you go out of your way to buy all of the above, you should find it a bit easier to prepare your puppy for life to come. These are the kinds of things we highly recommend that you do if you want to protect your puppy. Trust us; it is vital to have these absolute must-have essentials in place before your puppy arrives home.

Have you prepared your home for their arrival?

It is also essential that anyone looking to bring in a new puppy looks to set up their home for their new companion. So, make sure that you include all of the following as part of your puppy planning:

·        Where will your dog sleep? Have you managed to get out there and buy them a quality bed?

·        Where will your dog do the toilet? Does it have a safe place that it can go with privacy?

·        Have you created a location where your dog can sleep? Having a safe, private space is vital.

·        Have you invested in a comfortable cover for the dog bed, particularly for the colder nights?

·        Did you check all of your household supplies and accessories for potential issues with dogs?

·        Did you work with your pets and your children to get them prepared for the new arrival?

·        Where will your dog spend most of its recreational time? Is there space for all of its toys?

If you manage to go through all of the above then you are looking at having a dog that is very comfortable indeed. These essentials make sure that they can settle in a little bit quicker than normal, too.

What is your new puppy’s diet?

You should always take the time to closely evaluate the dietary needs of any puppy that you bring into the house. If you intend to have a puppy around the place then it has to be fed a proper diet. Make sure you read into what each breed you are thinking of adding to your collection will eat. The more that you understand their dietary needs, the better.

Dietary needs are a big part of your decision-making process when choosing a pet, so make sure you can meet their needs in terms of both quality and quantity.

Have you invested in grooming equipment?

Another checklist item to add to your list for a new puppy is to make sure that it is cared for with the right at-home accessories. For example, have you invested in a brush and a comb? Your dog is going to need them. You might not like having to sit and groom your dog, but it is better than letting their coat get all matted and dirty!

You should also invest in some dog shampoo, as your new puppy will likely need some help when it comes to staying nice and fresh.  We also recommend you look to invest in a dug toothbrush and toothpaste set. While getting your new puppy to sit a peace for cleaning is challenging, it is vital to their long-term health.

Investing in the above can go a long way to making sure that your dog can just focus on relaxing at home. We also recommend you buy some grooming wipes, as these can be useful for keeping your dog smelling good. You can easily wipe down your dog and give them a bit more confidence thanks to how they look and feel.

Do you have a space for entertainment?

Anyone who is serious about helping a dog should look to make sure they have a good space for entertainment. For a new puppy, this can mean having a little indoor space where they can keep all of their toys. For outdoors, you should look to set up a little exercise pen with various obstacles, balls etc. for your new puppy to play with.

They are a tremendous choice, and should absolutely be high up on your list of add-ons for a new puppy coming into the family home for the long term.

Do you have enough dog walking accessories?

No matter what breed of new puppy you get, you will need to take them for walks. This means investing in a leash and harness that you can use. Your dog will also likely do the toilet as you take it outdoors; if it does a solid, make sure you bring a scooper and some poop bags to get rid of the product that it creates.

This is essential as not only is it courteous to others but it can avoid you becoming at risk of a fine for letting your dog do its business outside without cleaning it up.

Do you have a dog walker?

If you are someone who might find it hard to give up the time to walk your dog on a daily basis, you need a dog walker. Therefore you should absolutely look to arrange a discussion with a local dog walker to see their rates. Having your dog walk either alone with a walker, or with a group of dogs can be great exercise, and it can help your new puppy to start socialising with others.

Keep that in mind, as if you have a dog walker it can become much easier to make sure your new puppy grows up in a world with plenty of opportunity for exercise.

Do you need a pet sitter?

We would also recommend that you look to contact a local pet sitter. Many people choose to go down the route of using a pet sitter when they are out of town for a day or two. Pet sitters are useful as they can easily look after your dog and make sure they are fed, exercised, and generally happy. Keep that in mind as you think about the next steps when it comes to preparing the best life you can for your new puppy.

Has your dog been taken to the vet?

Once you get your new puppy, you should book it in for a medical appointment with the local vet. They can check your new puppy over for any problems either present today or potential issues for the future. The more that you can do this, the better. Your dog will generally become much happier if you can take it to the vet for a regular check-up.

This helps you to spot serious signs of illness and make sure that your dog is given the right care.

Have you taken out pet insurance?

By the same token, you might wish to invest in a pet insurance policy. This is very useful as it can make sure you spend less money on vets’ bills. Sadly, it is very rare for a dog to go through life without any serious (and expensive) medical costs. This is why insurance is so important; it can play a big role in making sure you can get your dog the medical care that it needs.

If you are serious about caring for your pet, focus on the above issue as a priority.

Is your home puppy ready?

Make sure you go through all of the above questions with a fine toothcomb. The sooner that you can work out and determine the right solutions to all of the above, the sooner your new puppy should settle.

Focus on making sure you can put in place all of the above opportunities. This will give your puppy every chance of settling in.