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The 10 Breeds of Dog With the Strongest Bite Force

If you like the idea of owning a dog, you might want to make sure you get a dog that you can handle. For example, many people struggle to control a dog if it gets into the habit of lashing out or biting. Depending on the breed of dog, you might get a canine that simply has a bite that is too strong for you to deal with. Whether it is for security reasons to try and avoid buying an overly powerful dog, it always helps to research different breeds. To help you find the dog with the strongest bite force, we have put together a list of the most powerful dogs of this kind below.

You can use this simple guide to make sure that you fully understand the dogs out there which are likely to react with such physical power. Whether it is because you want a guard dog that has a bite to match its bark, or you want to avoid getting an overly powerful dog, this list should give you a better idea of what to get.

So, which breeds have remarkably powerful biting power?

The challenge with bite power in a dog

Unfortunately, measuring the biting strength of a dog is not as simple as it might first seem. There is no real test that can be done that has a consistent success rate. Therefore, this does not mean that every dog on this list bites with utmost ferocity every time. Nor does it also mean that other dogs not on this list cannot use their jaws to great effect.

There are some bite force tests that are carried out by professionals, but they are noted as being inconsistent at the best of times. Nevertheless, the dogs on this list should all be respected as dogs that can, at the moment, be very powerful and hard to stop.

In general, the most important determining factor that can be found in bite strength would be the size of a dog’s head. This gives them extra power and frame, and it means that dogs that carry a stronger, larger, and wider head can naturally bite with more strength than a smaller, narrower dog.

With that in mind, then, let us look at the dogs with the best biting power around.

The most powerful dog breeds with the strongest biting force

English Bulldog

english bulldog

The first dog to make our list would be the English Bulldog. They are regarded as very powerful dogs in general due to their size and their stature. They might be small and cute as puppies, but they tend to grow up and be pretty damn powerful on their own merits.

They were bred for bull-baiting – a nasty practice that involved a dog essentially biting onto the nose of a bull – so they have very strong jaws naturally. While they are far less violent dogs than rumors suggest, the humble English Bulldog has plenty of power in that thick, meaty head.

Pit Bull

pit bull

A pit bull is a very common dog to be seen as a pet, but many see them as dangerous and fearsome. While they can be, the Pit Bull is a dog that, if you care for it, will not be too aggressive to anyone that it should not. They are dogs that can be very strong and they also tend to be capable of doing a lot of damage with that bite if they are given the chance.

However, if you are dealing with a purebred Pit Bull, you could be dealing with one of the most powerful dogs in the world.



Boxer dogs are another breed well recognized for their power. Despite their relative calmness and tranquility, a Boxer will chew something to pieces if they feel threatened or cornered. They are not a dog that has a violent reputation, but they can carry through with power and force if they absolutely have to. Thankfully, just about any Boxer you meet has to be more or less pushed into such a forceful response.

Their power comes from their thick frames and large heads, giving their jaws plenty of heft which allows them to stay chewed-in for as long as is needed to get their point across.

Chow Chow

You might be shocked to know that the humble Chow Chow is a very powerful dog in terms of bite. They might look like a big bag of happy fluff, but they are very powerful animals indeed. They are quite suspicious of people they do not know and can be quite clingy and overprotective of their owners. As such, you need to make sure that they do not get the chance to use that power-bite in the wrong circumstance.

With enough obedience training, they are not a problem, but they carry a bite that is incredibly strong.



The Doberman Pinscher is among the most powerful dogs in the world and is often revered for its prowess in this field. They are seen as intimidating to many, but they can be brilliant dogs to have around the place. They are caring and kind, but have no problem at all reacting and resorting to aggression if they feel threatened or they worry for their family.

They are intelligent so they do not often use their powerful bite when they should not. If someone is foolish enough to give a Doberman a reason, though, they will feel that force.

German Shepherd

german shepherd

Who is shocked that the go-to police dog is on this list? These are top-class dogs that have incredible intelligence and smarts. They also mostly know when to react and when to stay calm. This wonderful dog, though, is hugely powerful and will have no problem putting someone – or something – back in its place with a swift, powerful, forceful bite.

They are tremendous dogs that are great with kids and family, but they are the ideal law enforcement and guard dog for a reason: if pushed, they can do serious damage.



Another non-shock inclusion, the Rottweiler is a dog that knows how and when to throw its power around. They are seen as being among the strongest dogs in the world due to their excellent frame and build, their thick and powerful heads, and their natural adeptness when it comes to combat.

They are big and powerful dogs and they can be dangerous to people they do not know (or like). Generally, though, with enough training a dog like this can be extremely friendly and a caring companion that, if you stick together, could be a friend for many years.



Some might not even know what this is, but out of all of the breeds of dog with the strongest bite force, these are among the highest-rated. They might not look particularly scary as they are big goofy-looking dogs, but the Leonberger can handle itself and then some.

They are commonly used in search and rescue and police operations. They are obedient, intelligent, and forceful if/when required. Given they used to fight off predators from getting into livestock pens – including bears – they are naturally capable dogs that can offer plenty of power.

English Mastiff

English Mastiff

Rated as among the best dogs in the world for pure strength, the English Mastiff is well-quoted for its power. They are great dogs to have around as they can be very friendly and good around children. Yet if they are provoked they have the raw power and energy to do something about it.

They have wonderful temperaments and rarely resort to violence, but if they do they can be hard to stop. They are excellent guard dogs but you need to be prepared for their immense power if they get frustrated and/or annoyed at your or anyone else.



Out of all of the dog breeds in the world, the Kangal must be the dog with the strongest bite force. They are regarded as the kind of dogs that could cause real damage if they were forced into the situation. They are pure workers and have been bred for their engines and stamina. They need to be given lots of socialization and training from a young age, but if you do they could make wonderful family dogs and immense guardians of your home.

However, given their job as a herding dogs means they used to literally fight lions, you can only imagine what they can do with their jaws. These are powerhouse dogs that should be respected, but they should not be feared if they are raised in an environment that keeps them calm.

Moving forward

As you can see, then, the above list of dogs with the strongest bite force is all pretty fearsome animals. They stand up for themselves and their loved ones, and they do not mind using that immense jaw power to their advantage.

Naturally, those with young children and/or other pets need to be aware of biting power. If you are nervous about a dog that could do excessive damage with its bite, avoid the above breeds. If you need a dog that can offer power, though, look into the above breeds in more detail.