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The 13 Friendliest Dog Breeds

Canines are, for the most part, great animals to have in our lives. When we can enjoy the company of a dog, everything just becomes so much easier. From having a dog that can relax around the place to a dog that can keep the kids safe, to a canine to guard the door, we have so many reasons to get a dog. If you want to pick out the friendliest dog breeds, though, you have a great range of options to think about.

Who, then are the dog breeds most commonly associated with calmness, kindness, and composure?

The thirteen friendliest dog breeds

1.      The Bulldog

To start off our list, let us dispose of a useless dog myth: the bulldog and its fearsome reputation. When cared for and brought up in the right environment, the bulldog is easily among the friendliest dog breeds that you can find.

They are kind, caring dogs that love to spend time around people and pets. You would need to go very far to anger a bulldog, so you can safely ignore all of the stories about their temper. Like any other dog, the more aggressive side of a bulldog is brought out by poor ownership.

2.      The Golden Retriever

Of course, what list of the friendliest dog breeds would be complete without the Golden Retriever? Few breeds can compete. They are rated as one of the best options in the world for anyone looking for a dog they know can keep themselves safe and can look out for the whole family.

Though they are socially friendly dogs and they have a wonderful and calming mood, they are also dogs that protect the people they care about. if you want a dog in your life that is the definition of friendly and loyal, start with a GR!

3.      Labrador Retrievers

Similar in mindset and mood to the above, the Labrador Retriever is among the most popular choices for a family dog. They are regarded as one of the friendliest dog breeds thanks to that loving face and gorgeous brown eyes. The LR is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a dog that can become a companion for anything from walking hikes and trips to days out with the kids.

For a companion that you and the family will remember for as long as you live, think about going down the route of getting an LR.

4.      The Boxer

Another fine addition to any family would be a Boxer dog. Boxers are great choices as they are smart, intelligent, and loving dogs. They also love to have some fun with kids, and they tend to love having the children around them on a long day. They also are good for families who want a dog that can watch after the kids and alert you if anything goes wrong.

They are also a good dog for playtime, so the kids can be silly and have lots of fun with this big silly billy of a dog. Fun for everyone!

5.      The Havanese

Given this is essentially a big curly ball of cute, the Havanese is a great dog breed for many people looking to bring a canine into their lives. They are sociable and friendly dogs, and they tend to be very easy to love due to their small size and their charming, cheery nature. Dogs like this tend to be a good choice for most people who want something that can take on a moderate exercise routine.

They also work well as dogs to have as part of your family, offering a great companion for everyone at home.

6.      Newfoundland

If you want a larger dog, then the Newfoundland is a fine choice of breed. They are widely regarded as among the friendliest dog breeds with their charming, nannying nature. They are great for looking after a young child, too, as it has a very sweet and patient nature.

They are great for those who want a dog that is active but can take part in mostly low-energy activities such as walks. While you don’t want to give them too much exercise, regular walks and playtime with the kids are essential to keeping their kind, endearing nature front and centre.

7.      Boston Terrier

Out of all of the terrier types out there, the Boston Terrier tends to be a vote winner with families. They are a dog that you can cuddle all day, while they are also the kind of animal that loves to meet new people and make new friends. If you are bringing a dog into an already busy household, then something like this breed can work well.

They can be somewhat demanding due to their naturally high reserves of energy, but you should have no problem making sure you can have plenty of fun with your canine due to their playful, happy nature.

8.      The Bichon Frise

If you want to add another dog to your list of the friendliest dog breeds, then add the Bichon Frise. These are cute, charming, small dogs that are very easy indeed to control. While other smaller dogs can be surprisingly demanding (and even quite moody), the BF makes sure that you avoid any of these headaches.

Far from the demanding primadonnas that most of us are used to with smaller dogs, these breeds are very calm. They are friendly and empathetic, making them excellent to have around a household. For kids who want a cutesy canine companion these work well.

9.      Beagle

Next up on our list of the friendliest dog breeds is the Beagle. These are famous for a good reason; they are so easy to have around the place. The personification of the optimistic and cheery dog, you would need to travel pretty far to find a dog more up for having fun and adventure than the Beagle.

They are a good choice for those who can spare a lot of time as a family for walks and regular, persistent exercise. While extremely friendly, Beagles get ratty without regular exercise so make sure you can fit that in.

10.  Border Collies

If you fancy a Collie-like dog then you should focus on getting your hands on a Border Collie. These are tremendous to have around if you are an active family. If you want to build a relationship with a dog that is easy to train and could even get involved in things like dog events and sports, then a Border Collie is a bit of a no-brainer.

They are friendly, they are endearing, and they know what matters when it comes to just relaxing and having a little fun. Consider them closely.

11.  Collies

If you would rather have a different type of the above, then you should also look at standard Collies. These are famous dog breeds made popular by the Lassie range of dog movies, but they are also recognised for their social standing. These are dogs that love to be out playing and are therefore a good choice for those who live in areas with plenty of parks and places to go for walks.

Intelligent and kind, the Collie is a dog breed that you should have no problem at all in training to do what you have asked. They are tremendous canines to have around for that reason.

12.  Irish Setter

Another tremendous choice for most, the Irish Setter is rated as one of the friendliest dog breeds around. They are charming, easy to love, and friendly dogs that know the value of caring for their loved ones. However, make sure you are an active person before you take on one of these dogs as they are high-energy, high-intensity dogs that need, no, crave, your time and energy.

If you have kids or you have a large social circle, though, the Irish Setter is a fine dog to have around the place.

13.  Pug

Lastly, what collection of the friendliest dog breeds would be complete without being able to include the Pug?

Just look at them – they are the masters of cuteness and kindness. Few dog breeds in this world are made for charming and cutesy cuddles quite like the Pug. They are easy to have around anyone, they are about as non-aggressive as they come, and they tend to love just relaxing.

The kids, though, will adore having a sociable little pug around the place. if you want a dog that can take its place as part of the family without any issue, this is the perfect place for you to start.

Which of the friendliest dog breeds will you choose?

As you can see, the number of dogs that are known as friendly is pretty extensive. If you want to make sure you choose a dog that you know you can spend a lot of time around, though, you should absolutely take a look at the above options.

Each of these should make a pretty telling case for what we would call the friendliest dog breeds. So, which of these breeds can you see yourself owning? What dog breed do you desire most?