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The 15 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

If you fancy having a feline friend in your life, you might be shocked at the price. Many see owning a cat as something that is cheap, cheerful, and pretty easy. However, when you look into the various breeds of cat out there, the prices can be surprising. When it comes to finding expensive cats, you often do not have to look very far!

Like anything in life, the cost of a cat comes down to its breed, its genetics, and who has actually managed the breeding. Cats that come from a more elite breeding line might be more expensive because they are less likely to have health problems. By the same token, rarity and demand also play a big role in determining the most expensive cats.

If you want to make sure you pick up a cat that you are happy with, you should take a look at this easy-to-follow guide. Inside, we break down the fifteen most expensive breeds of cat that you are likely to find in the world today. Then, you can get a better idea of what you might be expected to pay if you choose to go down the route of having one of these felines in your life.

In this simple guide, we will break down the information that you need to know about the most expensive cat breeds in the world today.

Keep in mind, though, that this is only as they are today. The cost of the most expensive cats can change due to demand and all manner of reasons. If you want to make sure you can avoid buying a cat that is going to leave you paying the cost off long after they are gone, though, consider the following list.

The most expensive cats in the world in 2022

American Shorthair

The first cat to make our list is the typical American Shorthair breed. They make wonderful pets and are the least expensive of the most expensive cats out there. You can typically find one of these cats for around $600 as a starting price. Expect to break the $1,000 mark if you want to find one that is even slightly relaxed at home, though.

They make good cats, and definitely are the kind of feline that you could enjoy having around the place. Great cats that can live well into their teen years.

American Curl

Next up on our list of the most expensive cats would be the classic American Curl. These are a common breed in the States and can be cheap compared to the rest on this list. Still, you should expect to start paying anything upwards of $800 for one of these little felines.

They are great cats to have at home, though, and they are noted for their specific ears that go backward as opposed to forward. They are very interesting cats in terms of personality and can be a good choice if you want a relatively low-maintenance feline that makes day-to-day life simple.

Selkirk Rex

If you fancy a cat with a curly coat, then this is one of the few breeds in the world that you could choose from. They can easily hit $1,000 to $1,500 as they are quite rare. The coat is the most interesting thing about this breed; in terms of personality and mannerism, they tend to be pretty easy-going and simplistic for a cat.

However, their coat is something that makes them quite desirable for people who want something a little different. For that alone, you will pay a little more than you might have expected.

Egyptian Mau

If you don’t mind exceeding $1,500 and going close to $2,000 for a cat, then the Egyptian Mau would make a highly interesting breed of choice. They are known for their spotted coat which can really make them stand out when compared to normal house cats.

They are endearing and friendly, but their naturally spotted coat drives up demand and thus makes them a bit more expensive to actually buy. They are very loyal to their human owners, though, so expect them to be quite attached to you from the earliest days of your friendship.

British Shorthair

You should expect to be paying something in the region of $2,000 for a British Shorthair in America. You could also probably find one for under $1,000, but they are quite likely to be less stellar in terms of their upbringing and their life quality so far.

These cats can be quite clumsy and comical, so you need to keep an eye out for them in case they get hurt or fall. They tend to lack the grace of a typical cat, but make wonderful companions to have in your life given they can live for up to twenty years.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue might be among our most beloved cat breeds, and they can make excellent feline companions. While you can find a cheap one for as little as $500, in some places they can hit as much as $2,500 to $3,000 in cost. They are quite common in some areas, but the more pedigree elements of this breed will cost you a fair bit more in terms of cost.

They make excellent cats that can be wonderful to have around the place. Their attentive nature and energetic style make them quite enjoyable to watch as they meander their way through your home. At the same time, though, they can be easy-going and do not tend to make a lot of noise. For that reason, these make great cats to have around the place if you want a low-maintenance feline in your life for a least a decade.

Scottish Fold

Scottish cats are quite common in America today, and the Scottish Fold is surprisingly common. Therefore, the fact they can cost as much as $3,000 for one that comes from a more pedigree upbringing can be a surprise. Visit your local pet shop and you can probably find one for around the $500 mark!

If you want a cat that is going to be quite unique, though, the Scottish Fold is a good choice. Their ear shape makes them quite different in the cat world, and they are therefore desired by those who like pets that have a unique look or feel to them.

They are good cats that can be fun to have around the place for families, young children, and more. Their ears are an apparent mutation that took place without much rhyme or reason; the ears, though, make these a standout feline.

Maine Coon

The first cat to make our list that will cost you a starting price of around $1,000, the Maine Coon is an intriguing cat to own. They can live for around fifteen years at the most, and they can be quite heavy cats if you let them keep on eating. They tend to be good cats that can make sure you have a companion in your life for over a decade, and they can be quite easy to keep calm and satisfied.

They do cost you a lot to keep them fed and happy, though, so do not expect the upfront cost – which can exceed $3,500 for a high-class Coon – to be all that you pay. You are now committed to paying a lot of money for a pet that will be in your life for years to come. Make sure you are prepared before you make that expensive and important commitment!


The Siberian cat is not as common in America as it is in other parts of the world. They do, though, make absolutely stellar pets if you are looking for something a little bit different. They are large cats, capable of hitting around 20lbs in weight and can cost you well in excess of $1,000. The starting price for most of these cats for an American buyer would be $1,200, but you could easily exceed $3,500 up to around $4,000 for one of these cats.

They are great cats if you want a hypoallergenic cat, though, so if this is an issue for you in pet ownership then consider the Siberian closely. They are good cats, definitely, and should be something that you look into for a cat that you know is very good with children.

As easy-going as you are likely to find in a modern cat!


The Ragdoll cat is an incredibly cute breed of cat that can come in a rather incredible variety of prices. You could be paying as “little” as $1,000, but easily exceeding the $4,500 mark for a more high-class equivalent. They do, though, make wonderful cats to have as they can live for up to fifteen years and make wonderful friends for the family.

They are also a cat that is regarded as ‘show quality’ at times, as they tend to be used in movies and media more often than other breeds on this list so far. They can be expensive cats to buy, for sure, but they also tend to make rather stellar pets for anyone looking for a friend in life who they can enjoy having around the children.

A little tempestuous at times, but typically they are well-mannered, even-tempered cats who understand their boundaries.


The name might make you laugh, but the humble Toyger is an increasingly popular breed of cat in the USA. They are bred by using a typical shorthair cat and mixing it with a Bengal cat. This leaves you with this incredibly interesting-looking cat breed.

They can cost you a minimum of $3,000, though, so don’t expect these cats to come cheap. You could easily pay $5,000 for a more pedigree model, too. Despite its look and relation to the appearance of a tiger, the Toyger is a calming, relaxing, and friendly cat that remains relaxed more or less all year round.

If you want an exotic cat that does not come with a confusing and moody attitude, start here. Some of the breeds we are about to list can be *slightly* more difficult to handle for owners. Toygers are expensive, but make wonderful and generally low-maintenance breeds to own.


The Sphynx cat is one of the most instantly notable cat breeds in the world and is famous in the eyes of most pet owners. However, given you are paying a minimum of $1,800 and a maximum of just shy of $10,000, these aren’t cats that you see in the typical household for good reason!

These are a specialist choice for those who want a breed of cat that is quite different. Their hairless nature is quite unique, and most assume they are weaker for the genetic mutation. Sphynx cats are regularly very healthy, though, so you should not assume that they are going to be ill or otherwise weakened.

Great pets to have in many ways, and they tend to be something that you can grow to love as they age. However, keep in mind that some only last for around eight years, with fourteen to fifteen years an absolute maximum lifespan.

Khao Manee

If you want a cat that is instantly striking and a conversation started, get your wallet out and buy one of these. The Khao Mane is usually a $10,000-plus cat, where the plus can really reach just about anything in some cases.

These cats have been a specialist breed in Thailand for many years and are regarded as a minor national treasure for some. Their gorgeous, jewel-shaped eyes make them look instantly striking to anyone who comes across them. They also tend to be called the Diamond Eye cat for this reason.

They are historical cats with a long history of elite ownership and make a wonderful choice of a cat if you are looking for something a little bit different in your life. Wonderful pets, but you should not expect them to be anything other than very expensive to bring into your home!

Bengal Cat

As mentioned earlier in the list, the Bengal Cat is one of the most beloved felines of its type. You are paying a minimum of $10,000 for one and can easily hit $25,000 if you want something with elite pedigree and genetics. They are a unique breed of cat, first bred in the 1970s and now today is seen as a truly specialist breed of cat for owners to bring into their lives.

If you like the idea of owning a cat breed that instantly stands out from the crowd, this makes a lot of sense. They are also not always allowed in some parts of the USA, so make sure you are legally permitted to own one of these cats.

They tend to retain some of the personality traits of a wild cat, so they can be quite unruly. The more domesticated and calm ones will cost you!


The most expensive cat breed that we could find out there is the Ashera cat breed. Capable of living for up to 25 years, you are paying a premium on that – they top out at an eye-watering $125,000!

These cat breeds are some of the most beloved in the world, but they are immensely exotic pets. They are unique in the cat world and tend to be a very blended mixture of wildcats and domestic cats. They are not like normal cats, though, and can remind some owners of a dog due to their temperament and nature.

Never a cat for a first-time owner, the Ashera is something for a cat lover and a specialist in these animals to have in their life. They can make your life truly wonderful, but they can also be very hard to keep under control if you lack the experience and authority required. Keep that in mind when trying to choose the right breed of cat for you moving forward!

Which breed of expensive cats do you find most endearing?

Having looked through the above, you hopefully have a better understanding now of what cats might be the most enjoyable or endearing to spend time around. Hopefully, this has given you a better idea of the rough cost of owning a cat like this.

You might be shocked, as most are, to see the costs involved in some of these breeds of feline. That should not put you off having a cat, though; some of these breeds are very much worth the cost. Take a look at this simple guide, and you can quickly understand what breeds of cats are going to cost you an excess of what you can actually afford.

Cats make wonderful pets but seen as most pet owners see them as inexpensive pets this might surprise you. Of course, if you want a cheaper cat, you can easily find a breed that has not been mentioned on this particular list. Keep that in mind as you move forward, and you should find it much easier to get exactly what you want. Good luck, and happy hunting!