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The 17 Greatest Dog Movies of All Time

When it comes to dogs in our life, we often tend to focus on the dogs that exist with us in the ‘real world’ – yet there are many awesome portrayals of dogs within the cinematic world. if you are looking for a way to enjoy a movie that is going to have a strong canine charm, then we highly recommend you look to check out some or all of the following movies.

These are all highly respected movies that come with a great history of showing dogs in a good light. Some are funny, some are emotional, and some will make you just want to grab your dog and give it a big old hug.

Whatever you are looking for in a dog movie, though, we highly recommend that you check out the following dog movies.

Each one should give you the perfect excuse to go and get your pooch and give them a big old hug. You might even want to watch it with your dog, and let them know that they and their fellow canines can make it as big movie stars as well!

So, what are some of the best all-time dog movies?

1.      Lady and the Tramp

Let’s kick things off with an obvious classic, shall we? The Lady and the Tramp is a tremendous movie and one that any dog lover will enjoy. it’s an original classic, but you could also choose to watch the live-action edition if you would prefer.

Here, we think that you should stick with the good old classic. It’s a fine movie, and it’s all about Tramp and Lady as they frolic around town, deal with all sorts of commotions, and slowly but surely fall in love with one another. Be sure to watch with some spaghetti!

2.      Balto

A good animated movie is Balto, which came out in 1995 and followed the story of a 1920s Siberian Husky. The story is based on a true one, whereby a Husky kept his entire team of sledge dogs on the right trail during a horrible blizzard. The journey was vital, as it meant being able to bring vital medicine to stop a diphtheria outbreak within Nome.

It’s a feel-good story that can give even more proof of the importance of dogs when it comes to everything from navigation to companionship; especially in those moments we really need some help.

3.      The Adventures of Milo and Otis

This is a good movie, but (gasp!) it includes a cat as one of the main characters. It’s a classic animal film, though, and one that we had to bring in. Watch as adorable pug dog Otis works with tabby cat Milo. Milo has been swept away from the family farm, and it is the job of little Otis to get in there and save the day.

A proper feel-good film and one that you should have absolutely no problem at all enjoying if you are looking for something a little bit different overall.

4.      The Fox & The Hound

Another animal pairing, The Fox & The Hound is a great movie for anyone who is looking for classic 1980s animation. This is a great story of a fox and a dog who make friends with one another. Though the story is very chummy and light-hearted, it does manage to crack open a few interesting little dilemmas for the characters to face down.

From dealing with prejudice to overcoming obstacles, this is a great movie that is filled with comedy and light-hearted whimsy paired up with an important message about facing down prejudice when it arises.

5.      All Dogs Go to Heaven

Though this one might sound like it’s an absolute tear-jerker, it isn’t really. It’s a great movie built around the animated comedy style that tends to sell like hotcakes. It’s a tremendous choice for most people who are looking for something a little bit different, offering a comical and tremendously enjoyable story about so many different events.

From a German Shepherd coming back to life to what might be the most delectable pizza ever seen in animation, this movie pulls out all of the stops to have dog lovers rolling around the living room with laughter and enjoyment.

6.      101 Dalmatians

What, did you think this wouldn’t be on the list!?

Another animated classic to kick the list off, we highly recommend anyone with a love of dogs makes time to watch this absolutely brilliant movie. It’s a 1960s classic and one of the most downright satisfying movies that you could ever watch. The gorgeous ink-and-paint style looks striking even today.

It’s a great pick, but you might choose to watch the live-action one if you would prefer something slightly more harrowing. Either way, you should find it very easy to fall in love with all 101 of these canines!

7.      Benji

If you want a live-action classic, then look to the 1974 classic Benji. Watch as the beloved original of the series saves two kids who have been kidnapped (albeit in somewhat improbable circumstances). Like most dog adventure movies, it’s all a bit ridiculous but it’s a proper ‘get some popcorn’ movie to sit down and laugh through.

There are other Benji films, but they tend to suffer from a bit of a quality dip as time goes on so we recommend that you stick to the good old classic. A fine film, and one that you should definitely enjoy!

8.      Iron Will

This is a 1994 classic that shows you what a dog can be like when it is front and centre of all of the madness and attention. This story follows a dog sledge race as a desperate man enters in a bid to win enough funds to save his family farm. It’s a bit of a sad story at times, but it’s loaded with great adventures and a series of hardships for the group to get through.

The star of the show, though, is Gus the Siberian Husky. It’s a tremendous story about overcoming adversity with the help of others.

9.      Homeward Bound

A great story for anyone who loves dogs, this story is all about three pets who assume they have been abandoned when their owners head off on a trip. They strike out into the world to find their owners, and we follow a cat, a Golden ~Retriever, and an American Bulldog. This unlikely team of protagonists get into all manner of scrapes and madness as they work their way through the town to find their owners.

The whimsical nature of the film is obvious, and the portrayal of each dog is brilliant overall.

10.  My Dog Skip

This might be the first movie on the list to feature perpetual movie annoyance Kevin Bacon, and that’s quite a surprise!

This is a 2000 classic that involves a pair of Jack Russell Terriers known as Moose and Enzo. It’s a story filled with drama, chaos, and a lot of heart-warming comedy that should allow any dog lover to enjoy themselves for the duration of the film. It’s a great heart-warming story about a boy and his canine, and all of the usual adventures that such a pairing can entail. Definitely, one to add to your list of dog movies.

11.  Marley & Me

A late 2000s classic, Marley and Me is a great choice for a dog movie that you can enjoy. it’s all about the madness of the dog and its disobedient early years. Despite all of the trouble that Marley causes, though, the dog plays a role in bringing a family back together. It’s one that you could really enjoy if you are looking for a film that both shines a light on the wild nature of young dogs and gives us a fine example of what it can be like when a dog becomes part of the family.

12.  Turner and Hooch

This classic cop movie is a great choice, where we watch a copper and his dog solve crimes. While the protagonist, played by Tom Hanks, tends to be a clean-freak, his partner, Hooch, is a bit messy to say the least. So, the story is half based around them busting criminals and the other half involves their amazing dynamic with one another.

A great cop film, and one of the best dog films of all-time. Definitely, one that we recommend you add to your list if you are looking for a proper classic 80s movie.

13.  Beethoven

Another great choice is the classic Saint Bernard himself in Beethoven. This classic 90s movie is a grower and is all about a moody father, a horrible vet, and a dog that manages to win hearts and get revenge all at once. It’s a good film but if you are yet to bring a dog into the house then watch this without the kids.

Few films can convince young children that they need a dog in their lives quite like being able to see Beethoven. It’s a great movie, and definitely one for those who really love dogs.

14.  Best in Show

Are you someone who loves to go to dog shows? Then you should watch this 2000 classic. This follows a mockumentary style of a group of people who do everything they can to ensure their dogs wins the prize at the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show.

It’s a great cast and it’s all about seeing how the dogs interact with their owners, each other, and the hilarious steps that the participants take as they try to win the show for themselves. Whatever you do, though, don’t try these same tricks in a real show!

15.  Isle of Dogs

One of the few moderns on this list, Isle of Dogs is a 2018 release that is a great choice for something totally different. The stop-motion shooting style has created a very interesting animation style for this particular movie. It’s all about how much we love our dogs and the lengths that we will go to stand up for our canines when they and their kind are threatened.

A feel-good movie about fighting back against dystopia, Isle of Dogs is a great watch for those who want a dog-themed movie that comes with a more pertinent and powerful overall plot.

16.  Lassie Come Home!

The 1940s classic might be a bit of a tearjerker, but it’s a belter of a movie. Follow Lassie as she does everything she can to get back to the family that means the world to her. Separated from her beloved family, she does everything she can to get home and to spend some time with them once again.

If you have ever lost your dog and were worried about where they are, then this movie should give you a pretty good – if somewhat old-school – reminder of what feeling can be like. A truly classic dog movie.

17.  Old Yeller

The classic dog movie, Old Yeller is a late 1950s classic that has become a vintage movie for all generations. If you want a movie that dances between crying and happiness at every scene, then this is a good watch. However, it’s a movie that you might wish to avoid if you have recently lost a dog; the primary theme can be one of the hardest to overcome if you are someone who is still overcoming the loss of a precious animal in your life.

For an all-timer, though, Old Yeller absolutely had to be on our list.

What movie will you watch first?

Dogs are special animals, the kind that can give us all manner of truly special experiences. However, as the above list shows, dogs are also pretty keen to be on the big screen and seen by the public. If you are looking for some entertainment to watch this weekend, then you should absolutely take a look at the above list.

Within you will find what we rate as some of the greatest dog movies of all time. What movie, then, would you choose? Which dog movie do you think sounds the most intriguing?