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most dangerous dog breeds

The 8 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds of 2023 (with Pictures)

If you are someone who wants to own a dog, then you want to pick the right kind of canine. Sadly, though, not every breed of dog is going to be a suitable choice for you as a person. For example, there are some dog breeds that are seen as potentially violent or aggressive. If you get prepared for that, you can hopefully work around the conditions of what many would consider to be the most dangerous dog in the world.

There are some breeds that you might do better to avoid. Not all of these dogs within these breeds will be violent or aggressive animals, of course. Some will be just fine with enough training and coaxing from a young age. Typically, though, the following dog breeds are the kind of breeds that could be worrisome to individuals.

If you want to find a dog breed that you can trust, then you should definitely focus on the following information. This should make it easier for you to avoid bringing a dog home that could turn your dream pet scenario into a nightmare. So, who are the most dangerous dog breeds?

The most dangerous breeds of dogs today

1.      Rottweiler


To start our list, we thought it fair to include the Rottweiler. Big and powerful, the Rottweiler is regarded as among the most powerful and dangerous dog breeds in the world. They must be introduced to a calm, happy, and aggression-free household and environment from a very young age.

Most of these dogs are noted for being highly aggressive dogs, and a Rottweiler that has been set loose is almost impossible to stop without using serious means. However, they are usually friendly and docile around family; it is strangers, human or animal, that can set-off their natural aggression.

2.      Doberman


Next on the list would be the Doberman. Powerful and intelligent, the Doberman is a natural fighting dog that is feared by other breeds. They are excellent dogs and they are highly aggressive. Yet, when trained from a young age, they can be very calm and collected around their family. Again, it is when a stranger comes into their life that a Doberman can kick into action.

They are very loyal to their family and loved ones, so you need to ensure that it does not wrongly perceive anything you like as a threat because they will not hesitate to leap into action. They need an assertive leader who shows little fear.

3.      Pit Bull Terrier

pit bull terrier

If you are developing a list of the most dangerous dogs, then the American Pit Bull Terrier has to be on the list. These dogs can be aggressive and dangerous breed if they are brought up in the wrong environment. They were specifically bred in the first place for the concept of fighting, and so they have a natural aggression and fighting spirit within them.

They also have an exceptional bite, the type that could easily chew through and then clamp down to hold. When a PBT bites, it can leave life-lasting – or even fatal – injuries.

4.      Tosa Inu

These Japanese dogs are pretty rare to have around the place and with good reason. These dogs have a pretty bad reputation as being aggressive. Given their history as being bred as a fighting dog this should come as no surprise. They are, then, not a dog that we would recommend to have around your family. They are dogs that happily turn on their owner and have really unpredictable, often undesirable, personality traits.

They are not a dog you should ever think about having as a family dog. Indeed, their incredible jaw power makes them a poor fit for just about any standard reason to own a dog. They are not a breed we would recommend to own.

5.      Cane Corso

cane corso

If you see a Cane Corso, you would immediately understand why some see them as among the most dangerous dogs in the world. Bred for fighting and dealing with everything from boars to mountain lions, they fear nothing. It actually is a dog that fights and catches over predators – that reputation alone makes them highly unsuitable for life as a family dog in some cases.

However, if you were to get a Cane Corso at a very young age and you give it lots of love and care, and it gets used to being around your family, it could easily settle into home life. They need lots of socialisation, training, care, and attention. This can stop it from being aggressive and bullying, though they are definitely a dog breed you need to be careful with regardless of how long you have had one in the family. They are powerhouse animals and are not to be trifled with.

6.      Akita


Most assume the humble Akita is the kind of dog that you could have no reason to worry about. However, despite their intellect, they will fire into battle if they feel it is required. They are powerful and also quite independent, so do not feel as if you can control or command an Akita as you could with other breeds. At least not to the same standard of ease.

You need to establish leadership and make sure that your Akita knows it is number one. If you have another dog, do not get an Akita. It will not accept being second to anyone but its master. This makes them aggressive to outsiders, and thus requires extensive vigilance around strangers.

7.      Gull Dong

Though this is an extremely rare breed of dog, the Gull Dong is regarded as a pretty bad family pet. They are very strong breeds of dog, and they tend to be quite grumpy and unpredictable. Even with a long-term bond and lots of care, a Gull Dong is still quick to switch on its owner without any real meaningful cause or reason.

Their aggressive nature makes them poor trainers. They are natural fighting and hunting dogs so keep that in mind if you do consider having one as part of your household. Given they are a Pakistani dog breed, they are especially rare in India.

Definitely not a dog breed for a family, which makes them arguably the most dangerous dog in the world to have around children and youngsters.

8.      Dogo Argentino

dogo argentino

Last but by no means least on our list is the Argentine classic breed. The Dogo Argentino is a powerful big canine that could stand its ground with animals much larger. They are aggressive, powerful, and at times can be quite unhinged. This is why they are a banned breed in many parts of the world.

They were designed for hunting large game and for protecting the family when the main protector is away. This makes them powerful, aggressive, and quick to react – therefore, they need early and consistent socialisation.

Why are these dogs so aggressive and dangerous?

Sadly, the dogs that are part of the list above are likely to come from fighting and aggressive backgrounds. However, we have to make one thing clear: any breed of dog can be aggressive. If a dog is raised to be violent and aggressive, then it does not matter if it is a Poodle or a Doberman. The raising of a dog plays a massive role in its personality.

Just as an aggressive dog breed can be raised to be friendly and docile, a calm and caring dog breed can be turned into a fighter with enough effort. Just about any dog can be aggressive, but the dogs that you need to assume are dangerous are larger dogs. Anything in the small dog category is unlikely to pose a threat to an adult, though naturally they must still be watched around children.

However, a powerful canine – something like a Rottweiler or the aforementioned Doberman – is a different prospect altogether. Having one of these dogs flying at you at full strength would be hard even for a fully fit adult to deal with. Dogs that are bred with the purpose of being around family and caring for those around them are less likely to be aggressive or dangerous, regardless of their natural breed instinct.

A dog raised for fighting, though, will likely always be aggressive as it is simply how it sees the world. Fighting dogs and to a lesser extent guard dogs are chosen by selecting some of the above breeds. Just remember that you should never judge a dog by its breed alone.

Not only could this mean letting your guard down when you should not, but it could also mean ignoring a dog that would make a tremendous family companion.

Having one of the most dangerous dogs in the world at home

If you still believe that you could manage and live with a dog from the above list, then by all means invest in one. These breeds are not illegal, they are simply noted to be naturally dangerous canines. So, please keep this in mind – do not write off a dog purely because it comes from an aggressive breed.

At the same time, do not assume dogs which are not on this list are all totally safe! With every dog, caution until otherwise is the best policy.