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ways cats show you love

The Most Important Ways Cats Show They Love You

For many people, a cat can seem like an odd choice of pet. If you are looking for a pet that can give you lots of attention and love, then a cat probably isn’t the right one for you. As easily one of the most nonchalant types of pet you could have at home, cats are very much the type of pet that you need to coax into showing emotion. They are the polar opposite of a dog; cats tend to enjoy a more sedentary, comfortable life. Compared to a dog, then, getting the reaction you expect out of a cat can be tough work.

To help you make your life a little bit easier, we highly recommend you think about how your cat reacts. You see, your cat could very much be showing your love. You just might not know why, or how!

To help you better understand the mood and mannerisms of your feline friend, here are some useful tips to better understand their oddities. If you get used to these behavioural patterns, it becomes much easier for you to spend time around your cat. It also helps to foster a better relationship.

So, what are some of the most effective ways cats show they love you?

The ways that cats show they love you

The cat follows you to a new room

While your cat might not be one for sitting on your lap or sitting on the arm of your chair, they do not have to be. Instead, many cats show their love for their parent by following them into the next room. This is a common sign that your cat loves you.

If you are out of the room for a few moments, they will likely start exploring to find you. Unlike other animals, a cat might want to know where you are just for the sake of knowing. They do not always want or need something. Sometimes, your cat will just want to know what you are present and thus it will follow you to a new room.

This is a clear sign that your cat has time for you and loves you, though. Keep that in mind, as many pet owners are not aware that this is what their cat is symbolising. They often assume they want to be fed or attention and take this as a negative experience. It is not.

A cat that follows you from room to room isn’t trying to annoy you; it wants to be around you.

The cat watches what you are doing

Whether you are playing a video game, playing the guitar, watching TV, kicking a ball around, or writing an essay, your cat will want to watch. Cats are observant so you should not be shocked when you catch your cat just watching you.

It might not even want to get involved – though it might if you are kicking a ball around. Your cat will want to be involved, but it will not go out of its way to get involved. Keep that in mind, as you might again assume your cat is watching you because it wants something.

Most of the time, your cat is simply watching along because it is intrigued by you and the things that you do. If you are able to get used to your cat taking more of a watching brief, it will become much easier to form that interaction and positive thinking that you are hoping for.

Cats can be hard to get to know and to understand truly, but they are much easier once you get used to their watching nature. So, if you see your cat watching you, don’t assume that it wants something from you.

Sleeping on your lap

The tell-tale sign of a happy cat, though, is when they fall asleep on your lap. The only real negative to this happening is that you can feel trapped as you do not want to move in case you bother them and wake them from their slumber!

Most cats will, for the most part, look to sleep away from other interactions. When your cat feels really comfortable about you, though, it is far more likely to step up and sit with you in this kind of endearing, affirming way. It is something you simply need to get used to as many cats will choose to go down the route of sitting with you.

Cats are hard to understand, but there is no emotion clearer than your cat coming to sit down and fall asleep next/on you. While it can mean being more or less stuck in the same spot for a little while, You should cherish these moments. Cats are very fussy about where and when they sleep.

If your cat has chosen you as the place to fall asleep, then it is a sure-fire symbol that your cat has plenty of love for you!

An upright tail

A common sign in a cat that is happy and is positive in its company (you) is the tail being upright. A cat with an upright tail is always something that can give away its true mood. Whilst most cats try to hide away in that calming and nonchalant manner, this upright tail can play a big role in making sure that your cat feels very comfortable indeed.

An upright tail, then, is a clear sign that your cat is in the mood for playing around. If you see it folding at the top into a question mark style shape, then it is even further proof again that your cat is happy and ready to be loved. These are the kind of signs that some read as a cat being aggressive; it could not be further from the truth!

A cat with an upright tail is a cheery friend, and one that is ready to play, to have some fun, and to mingle. So, try and keep that in mind as you go about the various ways to make your cat happy. Progress is easier when you understand that an upright tail means happiness, not hostility.

Your cat starts grooming you

You might find it a bit odd if your cat comes up to you and starts grooming you. Most of us see this as annoying, odd behaviour. However, in cat society, there is a common action of endearment and that means grooming. If you see a cat being friendly with another cat, it is likely to be seen grooming the other cat to fluff up its appearance. Well, a cat is quite likely to do that with a human, as well!

If that happens, then you know that your cat is really caring about you. Sure, it can be annoying because they might actually ruin what you thought was a good look. However, we recommend you just let them get on with it as the cat will feel happy, it will set a good mood in the air, and your cat will feel like it is being helpful to you.

While it might seem like an odd thing to appreciate, it is a small thing that can be easily fixed when your cat is out of the room. It helps your cat to feel better, and it is an easy way for your cat to extend its love for you.

Your cat brings in the food

OK, so it is highly unlikely that you are going to eat a dead bird from the street or a mouse that your cat brings in. To a cat, though, this is part of their respect for you and the fact you give it food. In a cat’s eyes, this is their way of paying the bills and helping out around the place.

It might seem an odd thing to bring you, but most cats will see the act of bringing you a dead animal as something to be proud of. They feel as if they have contributed to the house, and they believe that you, like them, will happily gorge on such an object.

If you want to keep the harmony, though, we highly recommend you take the ‘gift’ and dispose of it when your cat is not looking. Cats can be quite emotional creatures; if they see you rejecting their ‘gift’ it can put them in a foul mood.

So, try and make sure that you visibly accept the gift. Then, when your cat is not present, you can get rid of whatever ‘treat’ the cat happened to drag in from the street that day. Hey, it’s the thought that counts!

Can you understand your cat now?

Hopefully, now you can see that your cat does not have to go through an overt showcase of its love and affection for you. Much like a stern parent, a cat will show you that they love you through their actions. You might be waiting for your cat to run up to you as soon as you get home, but it might never happen.

Instead, the above symbols are worth remembering.