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Top 12 Fluffiest Cats

When it comes to having a pet at home, nothing can offer quite the same charm as a friendly, fluffy cat. A cat is a great pet to have around the place; for many, they are the perfect blend between friendly and self-sufficient. Unlike other pets, cats often do not need you to be there for every activity of the day. In fact, most cats are quite happy to be left to their own devices and to do their own thing.

That is why if you want to bring a cat that can give you cutesy charm without all of the usual stress, you should look at the following top twelve fluffiest cats. A cat is cute more or less all of the time; throw in an extra-fluffy cat and you get something even more adorable to spend your time around!

If you want to have some fun with a feline, then, you want one of the fluffiest cats that you can find. To help you break down the best cat for you, we highly recommend you choose from one of the following breeds. These cats are highly recommended for anyone looking for something extra-special.

The top twelve fluffiest cats

1.      British Shorthair

To start off, why not keep things simple with the British Shorthair? These are among the fluffiest cats despite being short-haired felines. They are quite bad for shedding, but they are low-maintenance cats who can be easily cleaned up after as they do not lead a destructive or overly busy lifestyle.

They also tend to be a great choice for those looking for something a little different. Their affectionate, charming nature – even with dogs – can make them a great introduction to the family home if you are already someone who has a lot of people/pets at home.

2.      The Persian

What list of the fluffiest cats would be complete without a gorgeous Persian cat? These are definitely up there with the best animals to be around. They are fun and they are friendly, famed for their gorgeous and long, flowing coats as well as their stylish, distinctive facial features.

The Persian is one of the fluffiest cats and they are also among the most commonly bred cats in the world. In fact, quite a few other breeds of fluffiest cats on this list will have at least some kind of lineage that goes back to this famous breed.

3.      The Scottish Fold

A fine choice for most cat owners, the Scottish Fold is among the fluffiest cats that you are going to find out there. They make a great choice for numerous reasons, not least the fact that they tend to be so easy to spend time around. Cats are often fun because they come to be quite adaptable in the house, and these cats are no different.

They also do not need to be brushed every day, which is quite a change-up from the majority of other breeds of longhaired cats that you will find on this fluffiest cats listing.

4.      Maine Coon

If you would prefer your fluffiest cat to be something of a fair size, then the Maine Coone is a fine choice indeed. These are bushy-tailed, furry little fellows who are very fluffy indeed. If you want to get a cat that is a highly personable furball, then this might be the best choice for you. However, you should be aware that the coat of a Maine Coon has to be cared for on a weekly basis otherwise it can become an entangled nightmare.

Keep that in mind, as many people are not aware of just how challenging it can be to look after and care for a Maine Coon due to this.

5.      Ragamuffin

Another fine choice to add to your list of the fluffiest cats would be the Ragamuffin. This is a popular cat breed and is quite commonly associated with another cat on this list, the Ragdoll. They have similar looks and personalities in many ways. However, the Ragamuffin is a very clingy cat; be prepared for this to become your daily companion as it follows you around the house and does whatever you do.

It will even often be found sitting waiting at the door for you!

6.      Norwegian Forest Cat

If you want to add something a bit different to your feline collection, then the amazing Norwegian forest cat is a fine choice indeed. These are fluffy breeds that can be quite strong, comfortable cats. They are smart and they are ambitious, meaning that you can often find these cats roaming around places that you would not find other cat breeds to go towards.

They tend to be quite loyal and friendly, too, but you should always try to keep one eye on your NFC. They are pretty independent little felines, that’s for sure!

7.      Turkish Angora

Another older breed to choose from, the Turkish Angora is a fine choice for those looking for the fluffiest cats. They are a good choice for those who want a cat that is not white, as they come in many non-traditional colours ranges as well as the normal classic colour choices such as white.

However, one thing to keep in mind with the fluffiest cats like this is that they can be pretty “alpha” around other animals. This can make them tough to get around other animals at first, but they should eventually adapt with enough opportunity provided.

8.      The Ragdoll

The next cat on our list is the adorable ragdoll cat. These are among the fluffiest cats and they also tend to be around the friendliest. There is a reason why ragdoll cats are rated as the most popular cat breed in the world. They go back to the 1960s, and they have been a common choice of chair for anyone looking for a vintage style of animal to have around the house.

They can be quite puppy-ish in their behaviour, but a little bit of training and attention to caring should solve any disciplinary issues pretty sharp.

9.      Somali

The Somali is another option we had to include on our list of fluffiest cats due to their extremely charming nature. The Somali is a fine choice of cat, and all it really needs is a weekly brush to keep all of that fur looking good and fresh. They are very sociable, friendly cats and tend to be a great choice for anyone looking for a cat that can easily blend in with a busy household.

If you are looking for a cat that can easily handle a lot of people heading in and out of the house, start here.

10.  Siberian

Another must-have to our list would be the Siberian. This is one of the fluffiest cats by default, noted for their big puffy looks due to the fact they are so bulky due to the nature of their fluff. You should be aware that the Siberian is, for the most part, a friendly cat that is very easy to spend time around. They are smart, independent, and can easily get on with others in your household.

They do need weekly brushing, but they are very much an easy cat to get to grips with due to their calm and relaxing nature.

11.  Himalayan

Another good choice to add to your list of fluffiest cats would be the Himalayan. You need only take one look at these hilarious cats to see why they are regarded so highly among cat lovers. They are fluffy, charming, and they tend to be very easy to have around the place.

It has quite a laid back personality, too, so you should have no problem in giving it the daily grooming and brushing that it needs. Help to get your cat settled in at home soon, though, as they tend to dislike strangers and prefer family.

12.  Turkish Van

To finish off, we recommend you also include the Turkish Van in your list of beloved felines. This is a common cat choice for many people; an easy breed to love and very friendly to spend time around. They tend to be a good choice for most people who just want a cat that can be highly energetic around the kids and can be great for social interactions.

They are unique due to their eye colours, typically with different colours, while they also tend to be great for those with large, busy family households.

Which cat breed do you love most?

Out of all of the above options, then, you should have no problem at all in finding a breed of cat that you can enjoy spending your time around. Cats are fun, they can be frantic, and they can be very friendly. However, if you choose the fluffiest cat that you can find then you are sure to find something that is even more adorable overall.

So, take the stress and the challenge out of finding the ideal cat for you by choosing one of the above fluffiest cats!