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Top 9 Grey Cat Breeds (with Pictures)

If you love the idea of having a cat at home, then you have many options to choose from. Cats are varied creatures that come in all shapes and sizes, and they tend to be very easy to have around the place. If you pick the right breed of cat, you can get something friendly, charming, and very easy to love indeed. If you are looking for a grey cat, though, you could find yourself looking at a lot of different breeds.

And while grey is seen as a common cat color, not every cat breed comes out in grey. Indeed, there are only a few grey cat breeds out there today. In some breeds, you are simply more likely to find the color grey as part of their look and color scheme.

if you fancy the idea of having a cat at home that is colored in a rich and beautiful grey, then you might want to look at this list of the best grey cat breeds. You also need to remember that in some cat breeds grey can be interspersed with a pattern. If you want a pure solid grey cat, you might need to do some looking around and shopping at different pet stores.

Finding the right grey cat breeds for you

The main challenge that most find when looking for a grey cat breed is the actual color. As mentioned above, patterns are common that can, in the eyes of some, ‘ruin’ the grey effect. If you want a cat that is totally grey without any patterns like calico or tabby, then you need to be willing to look around. Also, please note that most breeders who land lucky with all-grey cats will almost certainly charge for the privilege.

You might also find that some of the grey cat breeds below are pretty rare where you live. For example, a British Shorthair – one of the breeds below – is quite rare in America. The more popular domestic alternative, the American Shorthair, is common but not too as likely to be in a grey color scheme.

So, if you are serious about having a grey cat in your life you should be prepared to do some shopping around. You might need to look around quite extensively to find what you are looking for. Generally, though, the search is going to be worth it.

You should be willing to spend some time looking into the subject as you might find it is easier to find grey cats from certain breeders. Again, though, more selective and bespoke breeders tend to come with a pretty hefty cost attached to their services. With that in mind, you should really focus on getting a grey cat breed that you know is going to be highly suitable for you.

With that in mind, what breed(s) out there might be the right choice for you in terms of your general personality overall?

What are the most popular grey cat breeds?

Chartreux Cat

Chartreux Cat

The first of our grey cat breeds would be the awesome Chartreux. These cats are most commonly found in France and are regarded for their gorgeous grey coats and yellow, defining eyes. They are very strong despite not looking it, and they can be found in grey more commonly than many other popular cat breeds.

One thing to note, though, is that many of these cats are actually more blue in their color and tone. They are affectionate and friendly cats, but they do not need you there all day to feel satisfied.

Korat Cat

Korat Cat

The Korat is a popular grey cat breed that has become very popular outside of America. In the US, though, they are very rare. If you can get one of these Thailand-originated cats, though, you are getting a wonderful pet. They are famed for their emerald green eyes, which are very striking in the cat world.

One reason to love these cats, in particular, is that they have a rich and endearing short coat that has silver tips – it looks really striking when paired with the grey. Calm, relaxing, yet somewhat shy, these cats take some time to come out of their shells.

Oriental Rex

Staying down the route of Asian-themed cats, the Oriental Rex is another green-eyed grey cat breed. They are quite vocal and loud for a cat, but they are highly intelligent and know when to stop or when they are being too annoying. The Oriental Rex is quite an outgoing cat, though, so make sure it is not going to be stuck indoors or they can become a touch difficult and broody.

You can teach an Oriental Rex to do some tricks, but they need some stimulation daily to avoid disharmony.

Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cats

These hilarious-looking felines are among the most popular in Scandinavia. They are massive in size, making them unsuitable for small homes. If you have space and you do not mind having to manage their long and thick coats, though, NFCs are a wonderful addition to any home.

They actually can look more like a Lynx than other breeds, and they are quite rare in America. If you look around, though, breeders can be found so you should be able to get one if you really them. Definitely among the more unique grey cat breeds out there.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cat

The next cat on our list would be the American Shorthair. This is a very popular form of grey cat breed, and it could be one of the most common cat breeds you find in the USA. With that being the case, though, you should expect that your cat is not going to be grey. Finding grey America shorthair cats takes a bit of searching around various pet shops!

They are known for being durable and hardy cats, which goes back to their earliest days in existence. They are dense, powerful, and strong cats that can survive without you having to be there all the time.

British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat

We mentioned this above, but this breed of cat – while rare in the States – is a great choice for many grey cat lovers. They are quite similar in their make-up and personality, but they are more laid-back and relaxed than the above. They tend to be quite good cats to have around the house, and they are typically quite friendly with kids and youngsters.

They do not mind being left alone, but they are typically more attached to their owners than other breeds on this list. Not always found in pure grey, but definitely possible if you search around.

Nebelung Cats

The Nebelung is a very popular breed of cat in Germany but can be quite rare outside of the country. They are known for having long coats that are somewhat fluffy, and also having striking green eyes. In terms of their coat, you can normally find them in grey but not every Nebelung will be all-grey so be sure to look around before committing.

Their mood is a positive benefit, too, as they tend to be good around older people and adults as opposed to children. A good pet for you if you live alone and have a tranquil, calming lifestyle.

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx is probably among the most popular grey cat breeds out there in the world today. They are hairless, but their skin takes on that color that you are looking for. In terms of their personality, you should expect a Sphynx to be a bit of work. They are not quiet or sedate; they are actually more akin to a dog in the way that they act.

They need you around on the regular, and they tend to become quite anxious and annoyed if they are left isolated. Not a great cat if you are not at home a lot, but amazing friends if you are.

Scottish Fold

Sphynx Cat

The last of our grey cat breeds would be the Scottish Fold. Not always capable of being found in grey in America, they are very easy to fall in love with if you can find one. They are calming, relaxing, and happy little felines who tend to reach a pretty standard size. They are found in both long and short hair versions, so be sure to look for what suits you.

They tend to be quite demanding in terms of attention and can be quite noisy, so try to avoid leaving a Scottish Fold sitting at home on its own for too long. Ideal companions if you can commit to the time they need, though.

Choosing a grey cat breed

If you look at the above breeds, you can see for yourself why making a choice might be tough work. If you are unsure about what to look out for when it comes to getting a grey cat, look at the above breeds. If nothing else, you know now what kind of cats you should be looking out for.

It can be tough to find the right cat breed, it really can be. By sticking to the options above, though, finding the best grey cat breeds should be a little bit easier for you moving forward.