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What are the 14 Most Expensive Dog Breeds?

If you want a pet in your life who makes you feel happy, then you might take a dog. Dogs make excellent pets as they can be loyal, great with kids, and generally very easy to be around. If brought into the family at a young age, they can be part of the family for many years to come, too. However, when people say things like ‘you should get a dog!’, they seem to forget that dogs aren’t just one unified breed. Many breeds of dog exist, and some of the most expensive dog breeds can be very costly!

If you want to get a handle on the most expensive breeds of dog in the world, then you should take a look at this simple guide. These are regarded as some of the most expensive breeds that you might across if you are buying a dog in 2022 (and beyond).

Out of all of the dogs in the world, some are going to hit you for a lot more money than a more typical breed. What, though, causes the change in the cost of a specific breed compared to another?

What impacts the cost of a dog breed?

When you go to get a dog from the pet store, you might find it odd that certain breeds cost multiples of another. However, dog breeds are very different from one another. In terms of personality and attitude towards life, some dogs are polar opposites to one another. With that in mind, it is important to remember that two dog breeds can look similar but they might be totally different in action.

For example, some of the most expensive dog breeds include those bred for security and those bred for showbiz. A security company will pay good money for a well-trained, intelligent German Shepherd or similar. By the same token, a showbiz company will pay a lot to get a dog breed that has a history of obedience and pulling off tricks.

The biggest factor in the cost of a dog, then, comes from what their breed usually turns out like. For more bespoke breeds and mixes, which we will try to avoid in this list for simplicities sake, the prices can skyrocket. Specific needs and attributes in a dog are a big reason why someone might choose a certain breed.

The cost of ownership impacts, also

One thing to remember is that the cost of owning a dog is not down to the pure cost of purchase. The diet they need, the toys they want, the space they require…all of these factors can make one breed more expensive than the next.

To be fair, though, any dog that is raised properly and looked after with love will never be cheap. Throw in factors like a propensity to need medical care and you can be looking at some hefty expenses. What dogs, then, are likely to be among the most expensive around?

The most expensive dog breeds in 2022

Saint Bernard

The least expensive typical dog that you are likely to find that isn’t a totally unique breed is a Saint Bernard. These big powerhouse dogs are very costly to own, and you should expect to pay around $1,500 for a puppy.

That is a lot of money obviously, but they are incredible dogs that can act as wonderful watching dogs for young children. They are intelligent, obedient, and have excellent navigation skills. If you want a dog that can be your companion on any trip you undertake, choose the humble Saint Bernard (if you can afford it).

Irish Wolfhound

Given that these can cost around $3,000 for a pup, you can see that this is already going up quite quickly. Almost double the price of a Saint Bernard, the Irish Wolfhound is a revered dog that can be very powerful. They can reach heights as large as 35” and tend to be very adept hunters and once were used for everything from fighting bears and major game to puling men off horseback during war!

So, these are powerful dogs that have been bred to leave that wartime side behind them. To this day, though, they make excellent watchdogs.

Bedlington Terrier

If you want to go down the route of a cute little terrier, then the Bedlington Terrier is one of the cheaper options on our list of the most expensive dog breeds. These cost you around $4,000 for a pup, but they make great dogs for those who want a companion. They also have a history of life in showbiz, which suits their style and their cute charm.

They are a good choice for those who want a dog for the family that will cause very few issues, listens well, and adapts to whatever you ask of it.

English Bulldog

This might be among the smallest price jumps on the list, with a pup for an English Bulldog being around $4,300-,4,500. This is a good dog for those who live sedate lives and cannot commit to huge exercise times for a dog. They are great for those who want a dog that can basically be part of the happy life at home or in your apartment.

However, the English Bulldog is prone to illness and health problems. Make sure you get your pup from a breeder who comes with a good reputation, even if it costs you a little more. It will save you in the long run.


Not many dog owners will have seen a Saluki in person, given they can cost north of $5,000 (usually around $5,500). They are utterly gorgeous sighthounds that are very easy to be around. They have a strong history of being related to religious gifts in Egyptian culture, so they are revered in some parts of the world.

They are regarded as one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, but they can live for a long time – well north of a decade – so it can be money well-spent on a hearty, intelligent canine.

French Bulldog

Back to the bulldogs for a moment, and a French equivalent might cost you around $6,000 as opposed to $4,500. Where does the extra third of the cost come from? Their challenging breeding conditions. French Bulldogs are very hard to breed, so most litters really only have a few puppies in each.

Therefore, they are not as abundant as the English Bulldog. This means that supply does not often meet demand, so the price goes up by a fair margin. They are great dogs, though, especially if you enjoy standing out for exclusive pet choices.


The Akita makes a wonderful canine companion – intelligent, stylish, and very smart indeed. However, the problem with an Akita is that you are lucky to find one for around $6,500. This makes them hard to afford for many, especially as they need very specific lifestyle and dietary requirements to be content in their life. So, only invest in one of these dogs if you can afford it!

At the same time, they also expect their leader to be someone who takes command and shows authority. Do not let your Akita take command of anything, or it will become the boss. If you are paying this much, you at least want control!

Pharaoh Hound

We mentioned above that the Saluki is regarded in Egyptian history. Well, despite not being a purely Egyptian breed anymore, the Pharaoh Hound still holds a high place in Egyptian canine society. They can cost you around $7,500 on average, and make absolutely glorious dogs to have in your life. They are intelligent, empathetic, and make excellent hunters.

The name might make you assume this breed is purely Egyptian, but they are actually Maltese for the most part today. They make tremendous (if expensive) dogs.

Dogo Argentino

If you don’t mind paying $8,000 minimum for the privilege of a dog that will want to be the boss, avoid the Dogo Argentino. These dogs are often not allowed in parts of America, as they are very aggressive and can snap quite quickly.

They are expensive and this comes from the fact they were bred to fight big game back in the day. This makes them powerful but aggressive dogs with short fuses. Not one to have around young children or smaller dogs, and not a dog worth shelling that sum out for unless you know you can control it. As ever, check if you are even legally permitted to own one where you live.


It might be a shock to see a pretty common breed of dog so high up on the list. Rottweilers can set you back as much as $9-10,000, though, so do not expect to get a pup cheap. At the same time, you can get a mutt rottweiler for a fraction of the price listed above.

If you want a purebred effort, though, from an actual German breeder, you are talking in the region of $9,000 plus for one you can control.

Chow Chow

The ultimate dog for Chinese pet owners, the Chow Chow is a dog that can cost you over $10,000 purely because of their health. They are among the rarest dogs around despite their long age and can cost you lots to buy and then care for. They are expensive for the rarity, but the real costs come from care, health issues (thyroid issues and eye problems are very common, sadly), and their diet.

They are also quite stubborn so you might need to shell out on a trainer who can get through to this independent and intelligent breed.


Very rare outside of Siberia, the Samoyed is a breed of dog that can cost you a lot of money to have in your life. Easy in excess of $14,000 in some places, that is the average for a purebred Samoyed. They will not be cheap to own, look after, or maintain.

Given they have a history of pulling sleds and looking after animals in the arctic, though, these are hardy and cool canines. You might struggle to find one in America for this kind of price, but if you do they make wonderful – if expensive – canine companions.

Tibetan Mastiff

Our last dog is another Chinese native, and the Tibetan Mastiff is regarded as the most expensive dog breed in the world. Outside of those hyperspecific breeds more or less bred to suit the exact whims of a very wealthy owner, the Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive ‘standard’ canine you might come across in this world.

You should expect that a dog like this will cost you a very different price depending on so many factors. For example, you can find one at around $2,000 – super cheap for this list. And it would also rank it as among the cheapest of our most expensive dog breeds. However, you can literally find people who paid over $1 million for a Tibetan Mastiff.

A story in 2014 saw a Chinese entrepreneur pay close to $2 million for one, too, so this shows you how crazy the price can change. Purebred Mastiffs will always cost you more. For people in China, though, they are seen as symbols of wealth and progress. They are quite unique-looking dogs with an almost mane-like design around their necks. In terms of pure cost, though, the Tibetan Mastiff can be both the cheapest and most expensive dog on this list. Confusing, we know!

What breed of dog is in your price range?

Nobody can tell you what you can afford for a pet outside of yourself. You know what your budget is, what your income is, and how much money you have ‘spare’. Therefore, you need to be realistic. A dog that costs hundreds to buy and maintain might be possible; what about those that cost thousands?

Factor in the cost of ownership, feeding, training, and entertainment, and dogs are not cheap pets to own. Now, though, hopefully, you can appreciate that cost more comfortably.